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Lignes Aériennes Congolaises (2005–2013)

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Lignes Aériennes Congolaises (English: Congolese Airlines), also known by its acronym LAC, was an airline of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, with its head office in Kinshasa, and its central administration on the property of N'djili Airport in Kinshasa.[3] The carrier has the latter airport as the base of its flight operations. It was liquidated in 2013.[4]

Lignes Aériennes Congolaises
IATA ICAO Callsign
Founded2005 (2005)
Ceased operations2013 (2013)
Parent companyGovernment of the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Along with all other airlines registered in the country, the company was banned from flying into any member state of the European Union's bloc.[2]


Formed by the Government of the Democratic Republic of the Congo in 2005, it is the successor of an airline with the same name that folded in 2003, but has a different air operator's certificate.[citation needed] The carrier started operations in 2005 with SkyCongo aircraft flying on LAC's behalf. It was shut down in 2006, following an accident with a Convair 580, but was reactivated under a joint venture with Bravo Airlines. When this latter airline folded in 2007, LAC was idle once again. It apparently restarted operations in June 2008 (2008-06), this time with chartered equipment from Air Zimbabwe.[1]


The company serves the following destinations as part of its scheduled services:[5]


The airline has no active aircraft on its fleet, but 6 MA-60s are on order.[1] LAC operated the following equipment throughout its history:[1]

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