Life on Venus Ave.

Life on Venus Ave. was a Canadian television series, which aired on MuchMusic and Citytv in the 1990s.[1] Hosted by Ziggy Lorenc, the series mixed informational and comedic segments on love and sex with romantic music videos.[2]

The series premiered in 1991, as an updated version of Lorenc's earlier romantic video series MushMusic.[3] The series concept was that Lorenc was actually an extraterrestrial being from the planet Venus, and was learning about human concepts of love and sexuality.[4]

The series was dropped from MuchMusic in 1994 when Lorenc left that network,[5] but continued on Citytv until 1996. Lorenc subsequently published the memoir Life on Venus Ave. (and other true confessions of a wash 'n' wear virgin) in 1997.[6]

One of the show's writers, Rod Gonsalves-Quesnel, went on to write a fashion column for The Globe and Mail.


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