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Lieutenant Governor of North Dakota

The Lieutenant Governor of North Dakota is a political office in North Dakota. The Lieutenant Governor's duty is to preside as President of the Senate, and is responsible for legislative relations, the state budget and agribusiness development. In the event the office of the Governor becomes vacant, the Lieutenant Governor assumes that office and appoints a replacement lieutenant.

Lieutenant Governor of North Dakota
Brent Sanford.jpg
Brent Sanford

since December 15, 2016
North Dakota Office of the Governor
Term length4 years
Inaugural holderAlfred Dickey
FormationNovember 20, 1889
WebsiteGovernment website

The current Lieutenant Governor is Brent Sanford, having been elected with Governor Doug Burgum.

Before 1974, the Lieutenant Governor of North Dakota was elected separately from the Governor. To avoid hostile relations between a Lieutenant Governor and Governor from different parties, the process was changed to where the Governor and Lieutenant are elected together on a joint ballot and are of the same party.

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