Lierop is a village in the Dutch province of North Brabant. It is located in the municipality of Someren, about 7 km south of Helmond.

Lierop in 1865
Lierop in 1865
Coordinates: 51°25′4″N 5°40′55″E / 51.41778°N 5.68194°E / 51.41778; 5.68194Coordinates: 51°25′4″N 5°40′55″E / 51.41778°N 5.68194°E / 51.41778; 5.68194
ProvinceNorth Brabant
 • Total21.57 km2 (8.33 sq mi)

The spoken language is Peellands (an East Brabantian dialect, which is very similar to colloquial Dutch).[1]

Lierop was a separate municipality until 1935, when it became part of Someren.[2] Lierop is well known internationally amongst motocross enthusiasts as a venue for the world championship Motocross Grand Prix series. The circuit, situated approximately 1 km from the village, stages Grand Prix events in September under the organisation of the local MAC Lierop club. The circuit, consisting of loamy sand, is seen as one of the toughest in Europe.


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