Lichana is a town and commune in Biskra Province, Algeria. According to the 1998 census it has a population of 8,740.[1]

Commune and town
Lichana in 1911
Lichana in 1911
Country Algeria
ProvinceBiskra Province
 • Total8,740
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)

Lichana is located in south-east Algeria, 360 km south of the capital Algiers, part of the Tolga Oasis, an area known internationally for high-quality dates (Deglet Nour) with more than 500,000 date palm trees in the area.

Notable PersonsEdit

Ferhat Bouhamed (1951), Muslim théologien

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Coordinates: 34°43′29″N 5°25′57″E / 34.72472°N 5.43250°E / 34.72472; 5.43250