List of ambassadors of Libya to China

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The Libyan ambassador in Beijing was the official representative of the Government in Tripoli to the Government of the People's Republic of China.

Ambassador of Libya to China
Hussein Sadiq al Musrati

since February 20, 2011
Inaugural holderKamel Maghur

List of representativesEdit

  • Secretary of the People's Committee of the People's Bureau of the Socialist Peoples Libyan Arab Jamahiriyah in Beijing
Diplomatic agrément/Diplomatic accreditation ambassador Observations List of heads of state of Libya Premier of the People's Republic of China Term end
September 1, 1967 Libya has employed since 1962 a steadily increasing number of Taywanese personnel for technical services. As off September 1, 1967 were working there 237 Chinese technicians, including 207 doctors and nurses, 26 engineers, 3 meteorologists, and a harbor consultant. Idris of Libya Zhou Enlai
August 9, 1978 The governments in Beijing and Tripoli recognized each other.[1] Muammar Gaddafi Hua Guofeng
1978 Kamel Maghur Muammar Gaddafi Hua Guofeng
1984 Abdalla Al Alharari 1985: Abdallah Ahmed al Harari, Libya's chief representative in Tunis Muhammad az-Zaruq Rajab Zhao Ziyang
March 9, 1985 Abdul Hamed Zintani Mifta al-Usta Umar Zhao Ziyang 1988
February 25, 1992 Mufath Othman Madi [2] Muhammad az-Zanati Li Peng 2002
July 27, 2005 Mustafa M. el-Guelushi Muhammad az-Zanati Wen Jiabao 2008
February 20, 2011 Hussein Sadiq al Musrati Mustafa Abd al-Dschalil Wen Jiabao

Coordinates: 39°56′42″N 116°27′36″E / 39.945135°N 116.460134°E / 39.945135; 116.460134



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