Libu Party

The Libu Party (Berber language: Akabar en Libu, ⴰⴾⴰⴱⴰⵔ ⴻⵏ ⵍⵉⴱⵓ, Arabic: حزب ليبو) also known as Libya The Nation Party, is a Libyan political party founded in 2017 by the former World Amazigh Congress president Fathi Ben Khalifa. The main headquarters of the party is in the coastal city of Zuwara with other branches in Tripoli, Ubari and other cities.[1] [2]

Libu Party

Akabar en Libu (Berber)
ⴰⴾⴰⴱⴰⵔ ⴻⵏ ⵍⵉⴱⵓ (Berber)
حزب ليبو / حزب ليبيا الأمة (Arabic)
PresidentFathi Ben Khalifa
IdeologyLibyan nationalism
Blue, gold

According to its founder, the party is aimed at establishing a secular democratic Libyan state. The party defends on the Amazigh (Berber) Libyan identity instead of Arabism. The party also calls for the recognition of the Berber language (Tamazight) as an official language of the State of Libya.

The Party president also said he is "not sure" whether the party would participate or not in the elections proposed by the UN to be held in 2018.[3]


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