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Librem is a line of computers manufactured by Purism, SPC featuring free (libre) hardware and software.[1][2] The laptop line is designed to protect privacy and freedom by providing no non-free (proprietary) software in the operating system or kernel,[3][4][5][6] avoiding the Intel Active Management Technology,[7] and gradually freeing and securing firmware.[8][9] Librem laptops feature hardware kill switches for the microphone, webcam, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi,[1][2] and can be purchased air gapped.[citation needed]


Models manufacturedEdit

Librem 13 and 15 laptopsEdit

As of March 2018, Purism had two laptop models in production, the Librem 13 (version 2[citation needed]) and Librem 15 (version 3[citation needed]).[2] Purism had already announced in December 2016 it would be preparing to move from a build to order production approach to a "ship from inventory" model with the new batches of Librem 13 and 15.[10]

Librem 11 tabletEdit

A convertible tablet-to-laptop model, the Librem 11, was under development as of March 2018[2][11] and available for preorder.[12]

Librem 5 smartphoneEdit

In 2017, Purism started a crowdfunding campaign for Librem 5, a smartphone aimed not only to run purely on the free software provided in PureOS, but to "[focus] on security by design and privacy protection by default". Purism claimed that the phone would become "the world's first ever IP-native mobile handset, using end-to-end encrypted decentralized communication."[13] Purism cooperated with KDE and GNOME in its development of Librem 5.[14]

Plans for security on the Librem 5 include separation of the CPU from the baseband processor, which according to Linux Magazine would make Librem 5 unique in comparison to other mobile phones.[14] Hardware kill switches for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth communication and the phone's camera, microphone, and baseband processor are also planned.[14]

The default operating system planned for Librem 5 is Purism's PureOS, a Debian GNU/Linux derivative, with a choice of either GNOME or KDE Plasma Mobile as the desktop environments.[14] Ubuntu Touch is also planned as a standard option for the operating system of Librem 5.[15]

Operating systemEdit

Initially planning to preload its Librem laptops with the Trisquel operating system,[16][17] Purism eventually moved off the Trisquel platform to rebase onto Debian for the 2.0 release of its PureOS Linux operating system.[18] As an alternative to PureOS, Librem laptops were originally announced as purchasable with Qubes preloaded,[19] but in July, 2017 Librem announced that Qubes was no longer an option for new orders.[20] In December 2017 the Free Software Foundation added PureOS to its list of endorsed GNU/Linux distributions.[21][22]


In 2015, Purism began research to port the Librem 13 to coreboot[23][24][25] but the effort was initially stalled. By the end of the year, a coreboot developer completed an initial port of the Librem 13 and submitted it for review.[26] In December 2016, hardware enablement developer Youness Alaoui joined Purism and was tasked to complete the coreboot port for the original Librem 13 and prepare a port for the second revision of the device.[27] Since summer 2017, new Librem laptops are shipped with coreboot as their standard BIOS, while some older models can be updated.[28]


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