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LibrePlanet (literally, "Free Planet") is a community project created and supported by the Free Software Foundation. Its objective is the promotion of free software around the world by bringing every year an international conference to local communities[1] and organizations.[2]

Frequency Annually, usually during late March
Location(s) Cambridge, MA
Inaugurated LibrePlanet Conference 2009
Founder Free Software Foundation
Most recent 25-26 March 2017
Previous event LibrePlanet 2016 Conference
Next event LibrePlanet 2018 Conference
Organised by Free Software Foundation
People Richard M. Stallman, Edward Snowden
Sponsors Audeo, OpenInventionNetwork, Whole Foods Market Charles River Plaza Boston MA, Google



The project was born in 2006, at a gathering of members associated with the Foundation and the will to organize into geographical groups. The wiki serves as the primary portal for people who want to become involved in free software activism in local, grassroots modes of cooperation.

LibrePlanet conferenceEdit

The conference is organized annually by the Free Software Foundation in or around Boston, Massachusetts and staffed by a mixture of foundation staff and community volunteers. The conference replaces the FSF Annual Members Meeting (AMM) which ran around the same time each year.

Each conference has its own theme and a website. The event typically includes a speech from FSF president, Richard Stallman and FSF executive director John Sullivan, as well as members of the wider free software community.

Edward Snowden spoke at the convention in 2016.[3][4][5][6]

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