Libertarian Party of Indiana

The Libertarian Party of Indiana is the Indiana affiliate of the Libertarian Party.

Libertarian Party of Indiana
ChairpersonTimothy Maguire
FoundedJuly 14, 1974
Headquarters1111 E 54th St, Ste 158
Indianapolis, IN 46220
(317) 920-1994
National affiliationLibertarian Party (United States)

History and operationsEdit

The founding meeting of the Libertarian Party of Indiana was held on July 14, 1974 at the Holiday Inn at Weir Cook Airport (now called the Indianapolis International Airport). Approximately 20-25 people attended including Paul Hyatt, Tom Duncan, Marvin Lazaro, Brian Bernstein, Dick Smith, Steve Butterbaugh, and Charlie Reisert. Reisert made the motion to start the Libertarian Party of Indiana. The first headquarters was located at 1430 N. Capitol Avenue in Indianapolis. The LPIN became a minor political party in 1994 after achieving ballot access when Steve Dillon received more than 2% of the vote running for Secretary of State.

In 2008, the Libertarian presidential ticket of Bob Barr and Wayne Allyn Root had their strongest showing in Indiana, receiving 1.1% of the vote (19,243 votes).[1] On February 17, 2009, Indianapolis city council member Edward Coleman publicly announced that he had left the Republican Party and joined the Libertarian Party [2][3] The party's best finish in a statewide race came in 2006 when US Senate candidate Steve Osborn received about 13% of the vote.[4] Osborn had the best result for a third party candidate running for the Senate in the 2006 elections.

The Libertarian Party of Indiana is the only party other than the Democrats and Republicans with ballot access in Indiana. Hoosier Libertarians have consistently earned ballot access since 1994. Hoosier Libertarians advocate smaller government while defending civil liberties. In the last decade, they have come to the defense of eminent domain victims, marched in opposition to property tax laws, fought for reduced small business licensing, and pursued fairness and transparency in our elections. Indiana Libertarians lobbied dozens of city and town councils across Indiana to allow property owners to make the decision on smoking on their property.

Officials and staffEdit

Officers Officer Name (First, Last)
Chairman Timothy Maguire [5]
Vice-Chairman Erin Meadors [5]
Secretary Alyssa Salgado [5]
Treasurer Michael Schultheiss [5]
Staff Staff Name (First, Last)
Development Director Evan McMahon [5]
Outreach Director Erin Meadors [5]
Political Director Jared Hall [5]

State Central CommitteeEdit

Congressional District Representative Name
1 Michael Sandridge [5]
2 Joe Novak [5]
3 Kristi Avery [5]
4 Rick Irvine [5]
5 Greg Noland [5]
6 Brandtley Spicer [5]
7 Bill Bean [5]
8 Bart Gadau [5]
9 Greg Hertzsch [5]

National Committee RepresentativeEdit

Region Representative Name(First, Last)
At Large Sam Goldstein[6]
3 Elizabeth VanHorn[6]

Current elected officeholdersEdit

As of 2019, there are eight Libertarian members who hold elected office in Indiana.[7]
1. Susan Bell -- Town Judge, Hagerstown
2. Cheryl Heacox -- Advisory Board, Clay Township
3. Dennis Denney -- Town Council, Shirley, North Ward
4. Larry Walker -- Town Council, Dublin
5. Elizabeth Brewer -- Clerk-Treasurer, Claypool
6. Joel Samuelson -- Town Council, Culver
7. Jessica Whitfield -- Town Council, Larwill
8. Renee Sweeney -- Town Council, Ossian

Appointed officeholdersEdit

Several Libertarians have been appointed to offices in Indiana:[7]

  • Scott Baker -- Elkhart County Convention & Visitors Commission
  • Rex Bell -- Hagerstown Board of Zoning Appeals; Hagerstown Plan Commission, Chairman
  • Al Cox -- Brown County Property Tax Assessment Board of Appeals
  • Michael Dowden -- Town of Brownsburg Economic Development Commission (2017 - 2021);[8] Town of Brownsburg Improvement Committee (2017);[9] Town of Brownsburg Redevelopment Authority (2014 - 2016)[10]
  • Brad Klopfenstein -- Indianapolis Metropolitan Board of Zoning Appeals II
  • Mark W. Rutherford -- Chairman, Indiana Public Defender Commission
  • Mark Smith -- Centerville Plan Commission; Wayne County Economic Development Commission.
  • Chris Spangle -- Vote Indiana Team/Indiana HAVA Commission
  • Margaret Fette -- Secretary, Bloomington Urban Enterprise Area Board

Past state chairsEdit

Year Start Year End Name (First, Last)
1974 1976 Paul Hyatt
1976 1979 Sally (Heistand) Callin
1979 1980 Joseph Hauptmann
1981 N/A Joe Bryan (deceased)
1981 1982 Kevin Grant
1983 N/A Mike Fallahay
1984 1985 Steve Dasbach
1985 1986 Jim Reidenauer (deceased)
1986 1987 Dr. Walter Weeks
1987 1988 Roger Strater
1988 N/A Bonnie Flemmonds
1988 1989 Steve Dasbach
1989 1996 Dr. Barbara Bourland
1996 1998 Rob Shuford
1998 2000 Joseph Hauptmann
2000 2007 Mark Rutherford
2007 2009 Todd Singer
2009 2013 Sam Goldstein
2013 2015 Dan Drexler
2015 2017 Joseph Hauptmann
2017 present Timothy Maguire

Past candidatesEdit

  • Paul Hager ran for the U.S. Representative in Indiana’s 8th district in 1994, 1996, and 1998. Also, he ran for US Senate in 2000.[13][14] In 2002, he ran for Indiana Secretary of State[15] on the issue of voting reform.[16]


Awards are presented at the LPIN Convention each year. With the exception of one award, all winners are granted their award by a vote of the LPIN membership.[17]

Dr. Barbara Bourland Light of Liberty Award
The recipient is honored as the person most responsible for the growth of the party and dedication to the libertarian cause.[17]
Year Awarded Recipient (First, Last) County
2016 Karl Tatgenhorst Porter
2015 Greg Hertzsch Clark
2014 Beth Duensing Lake
2013 Chris Spangle Johnson
2012 Evan McMahon Marion
2011 Joyce Morrell Rush
2011 Paul Morrell Rush
2010 Allison Maguire Marion
2009 Dan Drexler LaPorte
2008 Timothy Maguire Marion
2007 Mike Kole Hamilton
2006 Greg Kelver LaPorte
2005 Rex Bell Wayne
2004 Phil Miller Hancock
2003 Rebecca Sink-Burris Monroe
2002 Sam Goldstein Marion
2001 Mark Rutherford Marion
2001 Andy Horning Marion
2000 Kurt St. Angelo Marion
1999 Steve Dillon Marion
Susan Bell Officeholder of the Year Award
Awarded to a current elected officeholder of the Libertarian Party that best promotes libertarian principles and values through public service.[17]
Year Awarded Recipient (First, Last) County
2016 Chris Mayo Marion
2015 Steve Coffman Henry
2014 Brad Klopfenstein Marion
2013 Al Cox Brown
2012 Mark Rutherford Marion
2011 Edward Coleman Marion
2010 Edward Coleman Marion
2009 Susan Bell Wayne
2006 Ed Dilts Johnson
Ken Bisson Outreach Award
Awarded to a party member who has striven to spread the message of libertarian principles to as many potential voters as is possible.[17]
Year Awarded Recipient (First, Last) County
2016 Rodney Benker Johnson
2015 Donna Dunn Lake
2014 Andrew Horning Owen
2013 Chris Spangle Johnson
2012 Rupert Boneham Marion
2011 Rex Bell Wayne
2010 Jerry Titus Howard
2010 Paul Morrell Rush
2009 Doug Horner Allen
2006 Mike Sylvester Allen
Joe Hauptmann Campaign Leadership Award
Awarded to a campaign volunteer who has worked above and beyond in an extraordinary fashion, and has significantly contributed to the success of a campaign.[17]
Year Awarded Recipient (First, Last) County
2016 Angela Fisher Marion
2015 Michael Sandridge Lake
2013 Miah Akston Johnson
2012 Allison Maguire Marion
2012 Evan McMahon Marion
2012 Chris Gault Marion
2011 Dan Drexler LaPorte
2010 Paul Morrell Rush
2010 Jerry Titus Howard
2009 Melanie Hughes Floyd
2009 Allison Maguire Marion
2009 Tim Maguire Marion
2005 Sheri Conover Sharlow Grant
Phil Miller Candidate of the Year
Awarded to a Libertarian Candidate that has shown an extraordinary ability to reach and connect with voters, as well as further the cause of libertarianism.[17]
Year Awarded Recipient (First, Last) County
2016 MiKe Gunyon Marion
2015 Chris Mayo Marion
2013 Rupert Boneham Marion
2012 Phil Miller Hancock
2011 Rebecca Sink-Burris Monroe
2009 Eric Schansberg Clark
2009 Rex Bell Wayne
2005 Kenn Gividen Bartholomew
Steve Dasbach Chairman's Award for Extraordinary Service
Awarded to an individual that has helped grow the Libertarian Party of Indiana in extraordinary ways over many years. This award is not voted on by LPIN membership, and it is the sole privilege of the Chair of the LPIN to award it to the recipient.[17]
Year Awarded Recipient (First, Last) County
2016 Steve Dillon Monroe
2015 John Schick Porter
2014 Beth Duensing Lake
2014 Greg Kelver LaPorte
2014 Michael Schultheiss Marion
2013 Dale Wedel Hendricks
2012 Mark Burris N/A
2012 Rebecca Sink-Burris Monroe
2011 Greg Hertzsch N/A
2010 Todd Singer Hendricks
2010 Dale Wedel Hendricks
2010 Dan Drexler LaPorte
2009 Andrew Horning Owen
2007 Mark Rutherford Marion
2007 Mike Runnebohm Shelby
2006 Brad Klopfenstein Marion
2006 Cindy Kirkpatrick Marion
2006 Kenn Gividen Bartholomew


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