Liberals for Forests

Liberals for Forests was an Australian political minor party. It contested both state and federal elections between 2002 and 2008, but only ever achieved one elected representative – Janet Woollard (elected as an Independent) in Western Australia. It never achieved representation at the federal level.[1]

The party was founded in 2001 by Dr Keith Woollard, husband of Janet Woollard and an ex-AMA president.

The party generally professed itself to be ideologically aligned with the centre-right sympathies of the Liberal Party of Australia, but with a greater regard to environmentalism.

Despite its low profile, the party gained a respectable proportion of the primary senate vote in some states. For example, in the 2004 election it received only a few hundred votes less than the Australian Democrats in Victoria.


The registered party name at the Australian Electoral Commission[2] and the Western Australian Electoral Commission[3] was "liberals for forests" (uncapitalised), but it was known in newspapers as "Liberals for Forests". By late 2009, Liberals for Forests was no longer a registered political party anywhere in Australia.

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  • Small-l liberal – a term used by LFF candidates to describe themselves in order to attract the support of mildly disenchanted coalition voters


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