Liberal Party (Japan, 1945)

Liberal Party (自由党, Jiyūtō) was a political party in Japan.

Liberal Party
FoundedNovember 9, 1945 (1945-11-09)[1][2]
DissolvedMarch 15, 1948[1][3]
Merger ofDōkōkai
Merged intoDemocratic Liberal Party[1]
HeadquartersTokyo, Japan
Economic liberalism[1][4]


It's founded on November 9, 1945, mainly by former members of Seiyukai Party. Its first leader was Ichirō Hatoyama. In 1946-1947 and 1948-1954, the next party leader Shigeru Yoshida was the Prime Minister.

The initial name of the party was Japan Liberal Party (日本自由党, Nihon Jiyūtō). In 1948, the Japan Liberal Party merged with Kijūrō Shidehara's Dōshi Club (民主クラブ), not to be confused with the Democratic Party, to form the Democratic Liberal Party (民主自由党, Minshu Jiyūtō).


No. Name Portrait Term of office
Took Office Left Office
1 Ichirō Hatoyama   9 November 1945 18 August 1946
2 Shigeru Yoshida   18 August 1946 15 March 1948

Election resultsEdit

House of RepresentativesEdit

House of Representatives
Election year Leader Candidates # of seats won Change Status
1946 Ichirō Hatoyama 485
141 / 468
1947 Shigeru Yoshida 326
131 / 468
  9 Opposition

House of CouncillorsEdit

House of Councillors
Election year Leader Seats Status
Total Contested
1947 Ichirō Hatoyama
76 / 250
No Governing minority


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