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Libeccio above Bastia

The libeccio (/lɪˈbɛi/; Italian: [liˈbettʃo]; Serbo-Croatian: lebić [lěbitɕ]; Catalan: llebeig [ʎəˈβɛtʃ]; Maltese: Lbiċ; Greek: λίβας [ˈlivas])[a] is the westerly or south-westerly wind which predominates in northern Corsica all year round; it frequently raises high seas and may give violent westerly squalls. In summer it is most persistent, but in winter it alternates with the Tramontane (north-east or north). The word libeccio is Italian, coming from Greek through Latin, and originally means "Libyan".

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  1. ^ Also known in some local variants as garbin (Catalan: garbí [ɡəɾˈβi]; Greek: γαρμπής [ɡarˈbis]; Italian: garbino [ɡarˈbiːno]; Serbo-Croatian: garbin [ɡǎrbiːn]; Spanish: garbino, garbín [ɡaɾˈβin(o)]).

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