Liaquatabad Town

Liaquatabad Town (Urdu: لیا قت آباد ٹاؤن‎) was a Karachi borough in the central part of the city. Liaquatabad Town was formed in 2001 as part of The Local Government Ordinance 2001, and was subdivided into 11 union councils. The town system was disbanded in 2011,[1] and Liaquatabad Town was re-organized as part of Karachi Central District in 2015

Liaquatabad Town
لیا قت آباد ٹاؤن
A view of Liaquatabad, Karachi
A view of Liaquatabad, Karachi
Liaquatabad Town was divided into 11 Union Councils
Liaquatabad Town was divided into 11 Union Councils
Coordinates: 24°54′01″N 67°02′41″E / 24.9002°N 67.0446°E / 24.9002; 67.0446Coordinates: 24°54′01″N 67°02′41″E / 24.9002°N 67.0446°E / 24.9002; 67.0446
Country Pakistan
City DistrictKarachi
Established14 August 2001
Union Councils
 • TypeTown Council
 • Town NazimOsama Qadri
 • Naib NazimTasnimul Hassan Farooqui
 • Municipal OfficerGhufran Ahmed
 • Total649,091
Office LocationTown Municipal Administration Liaquatabad Town, Shahrah-e-Ibne Sina, Gujar Nala, Nazimabad No.2, Karachi 74600
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The federal government under Pervez Musharraf, who seized power in a 1999 coup d'etat, introduced local government reforms in the year 2000, which eliminated the previous "third tier of government" (administrative divisions) and replaced it with the fourth tier (districts). The effect in Karachi was the dissolution of the former Karachi Division in 2001, and the merging of its five districts to form a new Karachi City-District with eighteen autonomous constituent towns including Liaquatabad Town. In 2011, the system was disbanded but remained in place for bureaucratic administration until 2015, when the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation system was reintroduced. In 2015, Liaquatabad Town was re-organized as part of Karachi Central district.


Important informationEdit

Hospitals and dispensariesEdit

  • 26 Public/Private Hospitals
  • Abbasi Shaheed Hospital
  • Sindh Government Hospital
  • 10 Dispensaries
  • Imam Zainul Abedin Hospital

Shopping places and marketsEdit

  • Gulbahar Sanitary Market
  • Nerang Shopping Centre
  • Firdous Shopping Centre
  • Gool Market
  • Super Market
  • Rizvia Market
  • Burhan Market
  • Azeem Market (Printing Press)
  • al hasan chowk
  • Multi Chowk
  • Baqai heart & cancer hospital
  • Imran Hussain
  • Taha Garments
  • FB Garments
  • First Choice
  • Golden Arrow
  • Khilafat Chowk (Paposh Market)
  • ARS LALA Shopping Centre


  • Snacks' 786
  • Dehli Muslim Kabab House
  • Meerath
  • Kala Lassi House
  • Jeddah biryani
  • AA Food Center
  • Asim Allah Wala
  • Rasheed quorma house
  • Mumtaz nehari
  • Karachi Fastfood & biyani center
  • Haji mehfooz pakwan house
  • Havabite fastfood
  • United Fast Food & BAr B Q
  • Chicken Bite


  • Super Market Library
  • Hasrat Mohani Library
  • Usmania Library
  • Al-Hudda Library
  • Nadir Library
  • Ghalid Library
  • Zain library

Post officesEdit

  • 5 Post Offices

Police stationsEdit

  • 7 Police Stations

PS Liaqatabad PS shareefabad PS Super Market PS Nazimabad PS Gulbahar PS Rizvia

Religious placesEdit

  • 6 Imam Bargah
  • 6 Mandir
  • 3 Churches
  • 3 Jamatkhanas
  • Sultanabad Jamatkhana
  • Amynabad Jamatkhana
  • Nazimabad Jamatkhana
  • Aurangabad Junagadh State Sindhi Jamat


  • C 1 Area Graveyard
  • Liaquatabad Graveyard
  • Khamosh Colony Graveyard
  • Khaji Ground Graveyard

Railway StationEdit

Katchi AbadiesEdit

  • 2 Katchi Abadies

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