Liao (surname)

Liao (Chinese: ) is a Chinese surname, most commonly found in Taiwan and Southern China. Statistics show it is among the 100 most common surnames in mainland China; figures from the Ministry of Public Security showed it to be the 61st most common surname, shared by around 4.2 million Chinese citizens.[1]

The pinyin romanisation of the Mandarin pronunciation is Liào. Its Cantonese pronunciation is generally transcribed as Liu. Other romanisations of the name include Leo, Leow, Liau, Liaw, Liauw, Leeau, Lio, Liow, Leaw, Leou, Lau, Loh, Liu, Liêu, Liew, Liw and Lew.

Notable people surnamed 廖Edit

Liao Chengzhi, one of the most famous figures in China surnamed Liao

People with the surname Liao include:

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