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Starfish Island (DC Comics)

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Starfish Island is a fictional Island in the DC Comics universe. The island first appeared in "Adventure Comics - Issue 256" (January, 1959). It is the central location of Green Arrow origin stories.

Starfish Island
First appearanceAdventure Comics #256 (January, 1959)
Notable charactersGreen Arrow, China White
PublisherDC Comics


Starfish Island is the island that billionaire playboy Oliver Queen washed up on after a cruise ship he was on sank. Stranded on the island, Oliver learned to survive by any means necessary using a bow and arrows, and thus became an archer(bowman, toxophilite). He developed primitive trick arrows as advanced methods of hunting and foraging for food, then assembled a green suit to camouflage himself.


The Crisis on Infinite Earths ended the DC Multiverse by streamlining it into one DC Universe. Oliver Queen was still a wealthy playboy, but he was also the hard-working corporate executive of Queen Industries. After drunkenly falling off of his boat and washing up on Starfish Island, he became an archer to survive. He was finally able to escape when he caught a group of drug dealers using the location for an illegal marijuana farm and turned them in to the authorities.[1]

Green Arrow: Year OneEdit

The revisionary story "Green Arrow: Year One" changes some of this and expands on his island adventures. Prior to the incident, he is shown to be a rich playboy and an adventurous, thrill-seeking alcoholic with no real sense of direction or responsibility, struggling to find meaning in a hollow existence of luxury. His best friend, Hackett, betrayed him to embezzle money and shot him off of a boat in the middle of the ocean. Oliver landed on an island located among the Fiji Islands. The island was controlled by China White (the ruthless leader of a massive drug cartel), who Hackett worked for, and was used by her for a heroin operation, but Oliver used his archery skills to shut down her heroin operation before coming home. This experience inspired him to fight crime regularly.[2]

Other mediaEdit

  • The island is featured The Batman episode "Vertigo". In this episode, it is explained that Oliver Queen was on his yacht when he ran into some fog and started to feel dizzy. He saw another ship carrying Count Vertigo. He is stuck on a deserted island for two years, and uses his time to train and hunt, becoming Green Arrow when he is rescued.
  • In the television series Smallville, when Oliver Queen's yacht sailed into rocks, Oliver washed up on a nearby deserted island and explored it for two years. After discovering a group of drug runners, he pricked his hand on a toxic flower and collapsed, waking up hours later in a tent surrounded by armed men, with Tess Mercer examining him. She told him the flower was deadly and that he had only 12 hours left to live after the poison entered his system. She used leeches to suck the poison out of his body and admitted that she and her friend Megan had been kidnapped. One of the kidnappers told Oliver that he knew his identity, and announced a plan to ransom Oliver. He then shot Megan dead and was going to do the same to Tess, but Oliver jumped in front of her and Marcos decided that she would live. Oliver tried to console Tess over the death of her friend. Later, Oliver staged an escape off of the island when the drug runners were leaving by knocking out one of them and by poisoning Marcos with the toxin. Oliver and Tess then left the island by using the drug runner's boat and returned to his home city, Star City.
  • Lian Yu (煉獄 Liànyù, transl. Purgatory) is the name of the island in the television series Arrow.[3] Lian Yu is primarily featured in flashback scenes. The island is located in the North China Sea and Oliver Queen is stranded there for five years, before he is found by Chinese fishermen. Other inhabitants are revealed gradually like his mentor Yao Fei, his daughter Shado, mercenary handler Edward Fyers and ASIS partners Slade Wilson and Billy Wintergreen. His time on the island is expanded as the series continues, featuring Dr. Ivo's search for the Mirakuru cure aboard his Amazo and Baron Reiter's hunt for the Khushu Idol. By the end of season two, Oliver makes a deal with Amanda Waller to provide a secret A.R.G.U.S. base on Lian Yu for violent individuals like Digger Harkness and an insane Slade Wilson. The island is later blown up by Adrian Chase after a climactic battle between Team Arrow and an alliance of Chase, Talia al Ghul and the League of Assassins.


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