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Li Tien-lu Hand Puppet Historical Museum

Coordinates: 25°15′20″N 121°30′44″E / 25.255564°N 121.512087°E / 25.255564; 121.512087

The Li Tien-lu Hand Puppet Historical Museum (Chinese: 李天祿布袋戲文物館; pinyin: Litiānlù Bùdài Xì Wénwùguǎn) is a museum in Sanzhi District, New Taipei, Taiwan.[1]

Li Tien-lu Hand Puppet Historical Museum
General information
LocationSanzhi, New Taipei, Taiwan
Opening31 December 1996



The museum opened on 31 December 1996, two years before the death of its namesake, the puppeteer Li Tien-lu.[2][3] Within its collections are items used by Li during his career.[4]


The museum exhibits cultural relics. The Almost Life Like Puppet Theater also perform regularly in the museum.[5]


The museum houses more than 200 antique puppet heads of more than 100 years old.

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