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Li Tien-lu Hand Puppet Historical Museum

The Li Tien-lu Hand Puppet Historical Museum (Chinese: 李天祿布袋戲文物館; pinyin: Litiānlù Bùdài Xì Wénwùguǎn) is a museum in Sanzhi District, New Taipei, Taiwan.[1]

Li Tien-lu Hand Puppet Historical Museum
Established31 December 1996
LocationSanzhi, New Taipei, Taiwan
Coordinates25°15′19.9″N 121°30′43.5″E / 25.255528°N 121.512083°E / 25.255528; 121.512083Coordinates: 25°15′19.9″N 121°30′43.5″E / 25.255528°N 121.512083°E / 25.255528; 121.512083



The museum opened on 31 December 1996, two years before the death of its namesake, the puppeteer Li Tien-lu.[2][3] Within its collections are items used by Li during his career.[4]


The museum exhibits cultural relics. The Almost Life Like Puppet Theater also perform regularly in the museum.[5]


The museum houses more than 200 antique puppet heads of more than 100 years old.

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