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Li Jian (born 23 September 1974) is a Chinese singer. Before beginning his solo career, he was a member of the duo "Shui Mu Nian Hua". After his departure from the duo in 2002, he began his solo career. To date, he has produced eight albums. He is well known for his song "Chuan Qi" (Legend) which became a huge hit after Chinese diva Faye Wong performed it on the 2010 Spring Gala.[1]

Li Jian
Born (1974-09-23) 23 September 1974 (age 44)
EducationTsinghua University (Electrical Engineering)
  • Singer
  • songwriter
  • producer
Years active2001–Present
Spouse(s)Meng Xiao Bei
Musical career
LabelsWonderful Music Co. Ltd

In January 2015, Li Jian took part in Hunan Television's I Am a Singer Season 3, as the first substitute singer, and finished as runner-up, losing to Han Hong,but he was very popular at that time because of his charming characteristics. On August 14, 2015, Jian was selected to be a team adviser for Team Na Ying on The Voice of China (season 4), along with A-mei, G.E.M., and JJ Lin. On March 2017, he returned to compete in the fifth season of I Am a Singer where he finished fourth. Between July to October 2018, Li Jian served as a coach on the third season of Sing! China (a rebranded version of The Voice of China), where he became the winning coach on his season debut.[2]



Album Name Release Date
Si Shui Liu Nian Sep 2003
Wei Ni Er Lai Jan 2005
Thinking of You Apr 2007
Ji Mo Xing Kong • Jian Ge Oct 2008
Music Mavericks 22 Dec 2009
Yi Ran 10 Dec 2011
Shi Guang 23 Sep 2013
Li Jian 11 Aug 2015


Year Accolades & Awards
  • 12-31 2011-2012 CCTV Over Year
  • 04-11 11th Music Feng Yun Award - Best Mainland China Artist, Best Producers
  • 03-19 18th Eastern Music Awards - Best Male Singer
  • 02-02 First time stepping into the Lunar New Year eve's special on China's TV station - CCTV
  • 08-21 11th CCTV-MTV Music Awards -Best Mainland China Artist of the Year
  • 02-09 Second time stepping into the Lunar New Year eve's special on China's TV station - CCTV
  • 06-01 2014HITO Music Awards -Best Mainland China Artist, Cross-Boundary Album Awards
  • 05-21 25th Golden Melody Award - Nominated for the Best Album of the Year

Variety showsEdit

I Am a Singer Season 3Edit

On January 2015, Li took part in the third season of the Hunan Television's singing competition I Am a Singer, where he finished runner-up.

I Am a Singer Season 3 Li Jian's performance list
Episode Broadcast Date Song Title Original Singer Ranking Percentages of Votes Remarks
4 (Qualifying Round 2) January 23, 2015 "Baikal Lake" (Mandarin) Li Jian 3 19.22%
5 (Knockout Round 2) January 30, 2015 "在水一方" (Mandarin) Jiang Lei 4 14.01% 2nd place in Overall ranking
6 (Challenge Round 2) February 6, 2017 "Without Doing Anything" (Mandarin) Chyi Chin 3 Unknown
7 (Qualifying Round 3) February 13, 2017 "今天是你的生日,媽媽" (Mandarin) Zhong Lifeng 3 16.09%
8 (Knockout Round 3) February 20, 2017 "When You Are Old" (Mandarin) Zhao Zhao 1 22.20% 1st place in Overall ranking
9 (Challenge Round 3) February 27, 2017 "塵緣" (Mandarin) Roman Tam 6 Unknown
10 (Qualifying Round 4) March 6, 2017 "Moon" (Mandarin) Yu Quan 2 17.63%
11 (Knockout Round) March 13, 2017 "Gyro" (Mandarin) Wan Xiaoli 5 9.45% 4th Place in Overall ranking
12 (Breakout Round) March 20, 2017 "The Classic" (Mandarin) 韓成民 1 Unknown Breakout success (ranked 1st out of top four singers)
13 (Grand Finals- Round 1) March 27, 2017 "朋友第一" medley
"The Man Competing With Himself" (Mandarin)
"Friends" (Mandarin, Cantonese)
Jonathan Lee
Chyi Chin, Alan Tam
5 Unknown Backup singer was Wu Xiubo
13 (Grand Finals- Round 2) "故鄉山川" (Mandarin)
"烏蘇裡船歌" (Mandarin)
Li Jian
Hou Xu
2 33.06% 2nd place in Overall ranking (and runner-up of I Am a Singer 3)
14 (2015 Biennial Concert) April 3, 2017 "Station" (Mandarin) Akina Nakamori

Singer 2017Edit

On March 2017, Li returned as a returning singer of the fifth season of I Am a Singer, which was renamed to Singer on that same season. He once again made it to the grand finals, this time finishing in fourth place.

Singer 2017 Li Jian's Performance list
Episode Broadcast Date Song Title Original Singer Ranking Percentages of Votes Remarks
7 (Qualifying Round 4) March 4, 2017 "A Foreigner" (Mandarin) Li Jian 2 18.88%
8 (Knockout Round 4) March 11, 2017 "A Father's Poem" (Mandarin) Xu Fei 2 19.98% 1st place in Overall ranking
9 (Challenge Round 4) March 18, 2017 "The 10:30 Train" (Mandarin) Gary Xun 4 15.25%
10 (Knockout Round 5) March 25, 2017 "Red Bean" (Mandarin)
"Eternal Love" (Mandarin)
"May It be" (English)
Ye Mao
Shu Qi
4 16.04% 3rd place in Overall ranking
11 (Breakout) April 1, 2017 "Love Is Over" (Mandarin) Ou Yang Fei Fei 1 20.04% Breakout success (ranked 1st out of top seven singers)
12 (Semifinal) April 8, 2017 "一往情深的戀人" (Mandarin) Li Jian 4 10.13%
13 (Finals) April 15, 2017 "Tripitaka In Daughter Country Lyrical To See Daughter king's Eyes" medley 4 12.35% Backup singer is Yue Yunpeng
4th place in Overall ranking
Percentage of combined votes is 11.24%
"The Daughter Of Love" (女儿情) (Mandarin) Wu Jing
"Tripitaka Lyrical" (唐僧抒怀) (Mandarin) Chi Zhongrui
"Your's Eyes" (你的眼睛) (Mandarin) Panda Hsiung
Valen Hsu
14 (2017 Biennial Concert) April 22, 2017 "All of March" (三月的一整月) (Mandarin) []


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