Leytonstone Mosque

Leytonstone Mosque, situated in Bushwood, Leytonstone, in the London borough of Waltham Forest, was opened in 1976 to cater to the local Muslim community.[1] Since then, the mosque has grown in size and can accommodate about 1,000 (men only). The organization, 'Muslims in Britain'[2] classify the Leytonstone Mosque as, Deobandi (a movement within Sunni Islam).[3]

Leytonstone Mosque
Leytonstone Masjid.jpg
LocationLondon, England, United Kingdom
Leytonstone Mosque is located in London Borough of Waltham Forest
Leytonstone Mosque
Shown within London Borough of Waltham Forest
Geographic coordinates51°34′06″N 0°00′46″E / 51.5682°N 0.0129°E / 51.5682; 0.0129Coordinates: 51°34′06″N 0°00′46″E / 51.5682°N 0.0129°E / 51.5682; 0.0129
Date established1976
Capacity1,000 worshippers

Pre-Mosque EraEdit

Prior to the Masjid's establishment, the Leytonstone Islamic Association was set up to serve the local Muslim population, and between 1969 and 1976 would do so by hiring out a hall, which would be used for prayers. Collections then took place in order to fund the purchase of a property which would later be converted into a mosque. In 1976, with donations entirely provided by the local Muslim community, a church was purchased, and subsequently converted into a mosque.[1]


The Mosque provides many services, which include evening classes for 5–16 year olds:[4]

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