Lewisville Independent School District

Lewisville Independent School District (LISD) is a 127-square mile school district based in Lewisville, Texas (USA) covering all of Lewisville, The Colony, Highland Village, Double Oak, and Copper Canyon, as well as portions of Flower Mound, Carrollton, Frisco, Plano, Argyle, Coppell, Grapevine, and Hebron.[3]

Lewisville Independent School District
ESC Region 11
District information
MottoReal Innovation, Limitless Opportunity
GradesPre-K through 12
SuperintendentDr. Lori Rapp[1]
Budget$579.11 million (2020-2021)[2]
Students and staff
Students52,189 (2020-2021)
Teachers3,605 (2020-2021)
Other information
WebsiteLewisville ISD

The recent suburban growth of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex has caused LISD to grow at a great pace, becoming the 94th-largest school district in the United States in 2006. Proximity calculated a 28.56% increase in student population from 2000 to 2006; LISD was declared the 17th largest school district in the State of Texas in 2008.[4] To help maintain this growth, in May 2008, voters approved a $697 million bond package.

In 2010, the school district was rated "Recognized" by the Texas Education Agency.[5]



For several years in the 2000s and 2010s the district grew by about 2,000 pupils annually. In the 2000s the district expected to have its student body reach 60,000 by 2016, but a 2011 study commissioned by the district stated that the student enrollment would peak at 55,000.[6]

In the early twenty-first century, Lewisville ISD high schools began to reach their capacities, prompting the decision by the school board to construct additional ninth and tenth grade campuses for all schools except for The Colony High School. In the case of Edward S. Marcus High School, Flower Mound High School, and Hebron High School, ninth grade centers were built adjascent to the existing campuses. Lewisville High School gained two additional campuses, LHS Killough and LHS Harmon. Ninth and tenth grade students attend both of these campuses, before attending classes on the main campus for their junior and senior years.

In 2013 the district planned to change attendance boundaries of Flower Mound middle schools, causing some controversy in that city.[7]



The 10,000-capacity Max Goldsmith Stadium is the home of the Lewisville Farmers.

1:X (pronounced 1 to X) is a program implemented across the District of LISD. The program rolled out iPads to the vast majority of LISD Students, and implemented Google Apps specifically for the school district. The goal is to have "The right technology at the right time."[8]

iPad replacement program


Beginning in 2018, 4th graders and current high school students received new 10.5" iPad Pro devices with keyboard cases to replace aging iPad Airs implemented in 2014. Students in grades 5-8 received the exact same iPad Air devices they had before, but with a new Mobile Device Management and a new case with no keyboard. In fall 2019, students in grades 5-8 received new iPad Pros with keyboards to match the rest of the district.[9]

Fiber network


Starting in 2016 and completing in spring 2018, LISD rolled out a fiber optic network provided by Unite Private Networks, that provides speeds of up to 1 Gbit/s. This network replaced aging cable infrastructure from local ISP Grande Communications. The district also installed a link to the Region XI Educational Service Center.[10]



High schools


NOTE: Killough and Harmon are 9th-10th Grade campuses which feed into Lewisville High School but are located away from the LHS campus. Flower Mound, Hebron, and Marcus each have separate 9th Grade campuses co-located with their respective high schools. The Colony High School does not have a separate 9th Grade campus.

Middle schools


(S)--denotes a STEM Academy

  • Arbor Creek Middle School
  • Briarhill Middle School
  • Creek Valley Middle School (S)
  • Delay Middle School
  • Downing Middle School (S)
  • Durham Middle School
  • Forestwood Middle School (S)
  • Griffin Middle School
  • Hedrick Middle School (S)
  • Huffines Middle School
  • Killian Middle School
  • Lakeview Middle School
  • Lamar Middle School
  • McKamy Middle School
  • Shadow Ridge Middle School

Elementary schools


(S)--denotes a STEM Academy

  • B.B. Owen Elementary
  • Bluebonnet Elementary
  • Bridlewood Elementary (S)
  • Camey Elementary
  • Castle Hills Elementary
  • Central Elementary
  • Coyote Ridge Elementary
  • Creekside Elementary
  • Degan Elementary
  • Donald Elementary (S)
  • Ethridge Elementary
  • Flower Mound Elementary
  • Forest Vista Elementary
  • Garden Ridge Elementary
  • Hebron Valley Elementary
  • Heritage Elementary
  • Hicks Elementary
  • Highland Village Elementary
  • Homestead Elementary
  • Indian Creek Elementary
  • Independence Elementary
  • Lakeland Elementary
  • Lewisville Elementary
  • Liberty Elementary
  • McAuliffe Elementary
  • Memorial Elementary (S)
  • Mill Street Elementary
  • Morningside Elementary
  • Old Settlers Elementary
  • Parkway Elementary School
  • Peters Colony Elementary
  • Polser Elementary (S)
  • Prairie Trail Elementary
  • Rockbrook Elementary
  • Southridge Elementary
  • Timber Creek Elementary
  • Valley Ridge Elementary (S)
  • Vickery Elementary
  • Wellington Elementary

Other schools

  • Lillie J. Jackson Early Childhood Center (for students that qualify under the TEA Prekindergarten requirements)
  • The Colony Collegiate Academy
  • Technology, Exploration and Career Center (TECC)-East
  • Technology, Exploration and Career Center (TECC)-West
  • Lewisville Learning Center (technically classified as a high school). The LLC houses the following programs:
    • District Alternative Education Program, for disciplinary students
    • Denton County Juvenile Justice Alternative Education Program
    • Accelerated Division, for grade advancement in both middle and high schools
    • Student Age Parenting Program
    • Adult Education Program (night school for adults wishing to complete their high school diploma)

Former schools

  • Lina Milliken Middle School (opened in 1977, closed in 1997; after closure as a middle school, the facility was used as the Lewisville High 9th Grade Campus until its new facility opened in 2005, whereupon it was closed and unoccupied until 2010 when it reopened as the relocated Delay Middle School.
  • College Street Elementary School (closed in 2019, repurposed as the Student Success Center
  • Stewart's Creek Elementary School (Opened 1981, closed early 2021)
  • Dale Jackson Career Center (opened 1985, closed 2020 upon opening of TECC-West, now houses the district's facility services center)
  • Hedrick Elementary (closed 2019, demolished along with the former Hedrick Middle School campus and replaced with a larger Hedrick Middle School)

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