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Leuven is the main railway station in the Belgian city of Leuven, in Flemish Brabant. The station is operated by the national railway company NMBS and is located on railway line 36.

SNCB logo.svg Railway Station
Treinstation NMBS.jpg
LocationMartelarenplein, 3000 Leuven
Coordinates50°52′53″N 4°42′57″E / 50.8814°N 4.7157°E / 50.8814; 4.7157Coordinates: 50°52′53″N 4°42′57″E / 50.8814°N 4.7157°E / 50.8814; 4.7157
Owned byNational Railway Company of Belgium
Opened22 September 1837

In 2007 it was the fifth busiest station in Belgium, only preceded by the three main Brussels stations and Gent-Sint-Pieters railway station.

The station recently underwent extensive and costly renovations lasting several years. The station square houses a major bus terminal as well as extensive bicycle parking and car parking. The station includes a tunnel which passes underneath the station for pedestrians as well as an overhead bridge with elevators. The station is fully accessible for wheelchairs.

While a high-speed line passes through the station, Leuven is not a stop on any high-speed route. Current expansion is limited because the Leuven station has reached the maximum set of rail and platforms possible, meaning any further expansion would require building an underground segment.

The station is noted for a high occurrence of suicides and accidental death, much higher than the national average.

Train servicesEdit

The station is served by the following services:

  • Intercity services (IC-01) Ostend - Bruges - Ghent - Brussels - Leuven - Liege - Welkenraedt - Eupen
  • Intercity services (IC-03) Knokke/Blankenberge - Bruges - Ghent - Brussels - Leuven - Hasselt - Genk
  • Intercity services (IC-08) Antwerp - Mechelen - Brussels Airport - Leuven - Hasselt
  • Intercity services (IC-09) Antwerp - Lier - Aarschot - Leuven (weekdays)
  • Intercity services (IC-12) Kortrijk - Ghent - Brussels - Leuven - Liege - Welkenraedt (weekdays)
  • Intercity services (IC-14) Quiévrain - Mons - Braine-le-Comte - Brussels - Leuven - Liege (weekdays)
  • Intercity services (IC-21) Ghent - Dendermonde - Mechelen - Leuven (weekdays)
  • Intercity services (IC-29) De Panne - Ghent - Aalst - Brussels - Brussels Airport - Leuven - Landen
  • Local services (L-03) Leuven - Aarschot - Diest - Hasselt (weekends)
  • Local services (L-20) Sint-Niklaas – Mechelen – Leuven (weekdays)
  • Local services (L-20) Mechelen - Leuven (weekends)
  • Local services (L-23) Antwerp - Lier - Aarschot - Leuven
  • Brussels RER services (S2) Braine-le-Comte - Halle - Brussels - Leuven
  • Brussels RER services (S9) Braine-l'Alleud - Etterbeek - Brussels-Luxembourg - Leuven (weekdays, peak hours only)
  • Brussels RER services (S20) Leuven - Wavre - Ottignies
Preceding station   NMBS/SNCB   Following station
toward Oostende
IC 01
toward Eupen
toward Blankenberge and Knokke
IC 03
toward Genk
IC 08
toward Hasselt
TerminusIC 09
toward Kortrijk
IC 12
toward Welkenraedt
toward Quiévrain
IC 14
IC 21
toward De Panne
IC 29
toward Landen
TerminusL 03
toward Hasselt
Monday to Friday
toward Sint-Niklaas
L 20Terminus
toward Mechelen
TerminusL 23
S 2Terminus
S 9
TerminusS 20
toward Ottignies

Accidents and incidentsEdit

  • On 18 February 2017, a passenger train was derailed near Leuven. One person was killed and 27 were injured.[1][2]


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