Letya Sekkya of Toungoo

Letya Sekkya (Burmese: လက်ျာ စကြာ, pronounced [lɛʔjà sɛʔkjà]) was governor of Toungoo (Taungoo) from 1342 to 1344. He became governor with the title of Zeya Thingyan (ဇေယျ သင်္ကြန်) after the death of his father-in-law Kayin Ba, who left no male heirs.[1][2] Prior to becoming governor, he had been a longtime minister serving at the regional court of Toungoo at least since the 1310s. In 1317−18, Sekkya led the negotiations with the forces of Pinya that allowed the rebellious governor Thawun Nge to remain in office in exchange for the latter's nominal submission.[1][3] He was assassinated in 1344 by his younger brother Htauk Hlayga.[2]

Letya Sekkya
လက်ျာ စကြာ
Governor of Toungoo
In office
MonarchSithu of Pinya (1342−44)
Kyawswa I of Pinya (1344)
Preceded byKayin Ba
Succeeded byHtauk Hlayga
Personal details
Diedc. May 1344
c. early 706 ME
Toungoo (Taungoo)
Pinya Kingdom
Spouse(s)Daughter of Kayin Ba


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Letya Sekkya of Toungoo
 Died: c. May 1344
Royal titles
Preceded by
Kayin Ba
Governor of Toungoo
1342 – 1344
Succeeded by
Htauk Hlayga