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Let It Shine is a British reality television music competition to find young men to star in The Band, a new stage musical featuring the songs of Take That.[1] It aired in January and February 2017 on BBC One.[2]

Let It Shine
Let It Shine.jpg
Created byGary Barlow
Presented by
Country of originUnited Kingdom
Original language(s)English
No. of series1
No. of episodes10
Executive producer(s)Andrew Cartmell
Producer(s)Gary Barlow
Production location(s)Dock10, MediaCityUK, Greater Manchester
Editor(s)Guy Freeman
Running time30–105 minutes
Production company(s)BBC Studios
Original networkBBC One
Picture format16:9
Original release7 January (2017-01-07) –
25 February 2017 (2017-02-25)
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The show was presented by Graham Norton and Mel Giedroyc, with Gary Barlow, Dannii Minogue and Martin Kemp serving as judges throughout the series.[3] Amber Riley was the guest judge for the auditions,[4] followed by Lulu for the group round.[5] Ricki Lake was the guest judge for the first live show,[6] Ashley Roberts for the semi-final[7] and Peter Kay for the final.

The show was won by the band Five to Five, who won the part as the band in the new musical The Band, which began touring in September 2017.



The show's title comes from Take That's 2007 single "Shine".[8] Amber Riley, Lulu, Ricki Lake, Ashley Roberts and Peter Kay acted as guest judges of the competition, respectively.[9] Busted, Beverley Knight, Melanie C, Olly Murs and Kaiser Chiefs performed with the contestants split into groups as part of the second round of the competition, which was filmed at Dock10, MediaCityUK in November 2016.[10]


There are three stages to the competition:[11]

  • "The Starway" (auditions)
  • "The Collaborations" (group stage)
  • "The Battle of the Bands" (live shows)

The StarwayEdit

The judges each have 5 stars and each contestant is scored out of 20 stars; in order to proceed onto the next round they needed 15 stars.

Episode 1 (7 January)Edit

Act[12] Order Age Song Stars
Clinton Elvis 1 23 "(Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher and Higher"                      16
Deaglan Arthurs 2 18 "New York, New York"                      18
Jamie-Ryan Taylor 3 21 "Last Request"                      11
Jazzie Mattis 4 24 "Uptown Funk"                      17
Tyler Jack Smith 5 19 "You Are So Beautiful"                      17
Hector Mitchell-Turner 6 21 "You Get What You Give"                      11
Zak Robinson 7 17 "(Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay"                      14
Bobby Foord 8 16 "7 Days"                      11
Nicky Price 9 17 "Say Something"                      20
Nick Carsberg 10 17 "Dance with Me Tonight"                      16
Wayne Thurtell 11 25 "My Girl"                      11
Jason Brock 12 30 "Run to You"                      20

Episode 2 (14 January)Edit

Act[13] Order Age Song Stars
Jonnie Halliwell 1 25 "Reet Petite"                      20
Dylan Reid 2 20 "Roar"                      16
Lee Stinchcombe 3 35 "The Power of Love"                      8
Samm Hewitt 4 23 "Dear Darlin'"                      12
Keith Branic 5 16 "Treasure"                      15
Ciaran O'Brien 6 16 "Dancing On My Own"                      15
Craig Webb 7 27 "Jealous"                      18
Damien Kivlehan 8 26 "You Give Love a Bad Name"                      16
Curtis T Johns 9 23 "Put Your Records On"                      19
Julius Wright 10 20 "All Night Long (All Night)"                      16
Jamie Corner 11 24 "Johnny B. Goode"                      17
Scott Sutcliffe 12 23 "Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now)"                      14
Huw Roberts 13 16 "Don't Look Back in Anger"                      16
Harry Neale 14 26 "Beggin'"                      16

Episode 3 (21 January)Edit

Act[14] Order Age Song Stars
Jordan Harvey 1 24 "Blame It on Me"                      18
AJ Bentley 2 21 "Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours"                      18
Dion Magrath 3 23 "All About You"                      13
Matt Thorpe 4 30 "If I Ain't Got You"                      20
Dan Budd 5 27 "No Regrets"                      16
Elijah Holloway 6 18 "Greased Lightnin'"                      11
Mark Angels 7 21 "Mirrors"                      17
Harry Brown 8 17 "Love Yourself"                      17
Jordan Charles 9 24 "Pompeii"                      15
Danny Colligan 10 23 "Stitches"                      15
Kyle Passmore 11 27 "You Give Me Something                      19
Josh Bailey 12 17 "Jealous"                      19
Matt Knight 13 27 "Wake Me Up"                      16
Tayler Davis 14 21 "Faith"                      14
Hercules Smith 15 33 "Iris"                      16

Episode 4 (28 January)Edit

Act[15] Order Age Song Stars
Callum Howells 1 17 "You'll Be Back"                      16
Scott Macaulay 2 18 "Laura"                      19
Luke Stanley 3 27 "All of Me"                      15
Travis Kerry 4 19 "Feel So Close"                      11
Alexis Gerred 5 27 "Come Together"                      18
Robert Evans 6 20 "Can You Feel the Love Tonight"                      12
Andrew Mott 7 22 "More Than Words"                      12
Kieran McManus 8 18 "Little Things"                      12
Sam Glen 9 23 "Torn"                      16
Connor Cunningham 10 21 "Brown Eyed Girl"                      15
Ryan Butterworth 11 21 "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For                      16
Sario Solomon 12 19 "Tainted Love"                      16
Anthony Sahota 13 22 "Ordinary People"                      16
Liam Holmes 14 27 "Let's Get It On"                      13
Conor McLoughlin 15 20 "Your Song"                      17
Yazdan Qafouri 16 17 "Ain't No Sunshine"                      15
Jimmy Haggar 17 19 "That's Life"                      13
Veeraj Lutchman 18 37 "Take Me to Church"                      16
Jack Hinton 19 22 "Viva Forever"                      15
Bradley Johnson 20 19 "Bring Him Home"                      20

The CollaborationsEdit

After the episode, a clip was made available on BBC iPlayer which revealed the new names of the bands. Group 1 was named Five to Five, Group 2 was named Iron Sun, Group 3 was named Neon Panda, Group 4 was named Drive and Group 5 was named Nightfall.

Episode 5 (4 February)Edit

Group 1Edit

Artist Song Results
AJ Bentley "Troublemaker"/ "Unpredictable" /"Heart Skips a Beat"/ "Wrapped Up" Safe
Connor Cunningham Eliminated
Curtis T Johns Safe
Nick Carsberg Safe
Sario Solomon Safe
Scott Macaulay Eliminated
Tyler Jack Smith Eliminated
Yazdan Qafouri Safe

Group 2Edit

Artist Song Results
Alexis Gerred "Twist and Shout"/ "I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me)" /"Hold On, I'm Coming" Safe
Clinton Elvis Safe
Damien Kivlehan Eliminated
Dylan Reid Eliminated
Harry Brown Safe
Jordan Harvey Safe
Matt Knight Safe
Veeraj Lutchman Eliminated

Group 3Edit

Artist Song Results
Anthony Sahota "Sleeping with the Light On"/ "On What You're On" /"Year 3000" Safe
Conor McLoughlin Safe
Craig Webb Safe
Dan Budd Eliminated
Deaglan Arthurs Eliminated
Josh Bailey Safe
Luke Stanley Eliminated
Matt Thorpe Safe

Group 4Edit

Artist Song Results
Jamie Corner "Ruby"/ "Hole In My Soul" /"I Predict a Riot" Safe
Jazzie Mattis Safe
Jonnie Halliwell Safe
Jordan Charles Eliminated
Keith Branic Eliminated
Mark Angels Safe
Ryan Butterworth Safe
Sam Glen Eliminated
  • Originally Callum Howells & Harry Neale were part of Group 4 but decided to withdraw from the competition, they were replaced by reserves Keith Branic & Jordan Charles.

Group 5Edit

Artist Song Results
Bradley Johnson "I Turn to You"/ "Anymore" /"When You're Gone" Safe
Danny Colligan Safe
Hercules Smith Eliminated
Huw Roberts Safe
Jason Brock Safe
Julius Wright Safe
Kyle Passmore Eliminated
Nicky Price Eliminated

The Battle of the BandsEdit

Live show detailsEdit

Results summaryEdit

Result's colour key
     Artist was part of the Band in bottom two
     Artist was eliminated
     Artist qualified for the band
Weekly results per artist
Artist Week 1 Week 2 Week 3
AJ Bentley Safe Safe Winners
(week 3)
Curtis T Johns Safe Safe Winners
(week 3)
Nick Carsberg Safe Safe Winners
(week 3)
Sario Solomon Safe Safe Winners
(week 3)
Yazdan Qafouri Safe Safe Winners
(week 3)
Bradley Johnson Safe Safe Runners-up
(week 3)
Conor McLoughlin Bottom two Bottom two Runners-up
(week 3)
Danny Colligan Safe Safe Runners-up
(week 3)
Huw Roberts Safe Safe Runners-up
(week 3)
Jason Brock Safe Safe Runners-up
(week 3)
Jazzie Mattis Bottom two Bottom two Runners-up
(week 3)
Jonnie Halliwell Bottom two Bottom two Runners-up
(week 3)
Julius Wright Safe Safe Runners-up
(week 3)
Mark Angels Bottom two Bottom two Runners-up
(week 3)
Matt Thorpe Bottom two Bottom two Runners-up
(week 3)
Alexis Gerred Safe Eliminated Eliminated
(week 2)
Clinton Elvis Safe Eliminated Eliminated
(week 2)
Harry Brown Safe Eliminated Eliminated
(week 2)
Jordan Harvey Safe Eliminated Eliminated
(week 2)
Matt Knight Safe Eliminated Eliminated
(week 2)
Anthony Sahota Eliminated Eliminated
(week 1)
Craig Webb Eliminated Eliminated
(week 1)
Jamie Corner Eliminated Eliminated
(week 1)
Josh Bailey Eliminated Eliminated
(week 1)
Ryan Butterworth Eliminated Eliminated
(week 1)

Week 1: Quarter final (11 February)Edit

Band Order Song Results
Iron Sun 1 "Shut Up and Dance" Safe
Drive 2 "Everybody Get Up"/ "I Love Rock 'n' Roll" Bottom two
Nightfall 3 "The Scientist" Safe
Neon Panda 4 "Marry You" Bottom two
Five To Five 5 "MMMBop" Safe
Drive 1 "A Million Love Songs"
Neon Panda 2 "Greatest Day"
  • Mark Angels, Jazzie Mattis, Matt Thorpe, Jonnie Halliwell & Conor McLoughlin were saved by the judges and through to Semi-final. As Drive had 3 of the 5 members saved and Neon Panda only had 2 of the 5 the saved artist would continue as Drive.
  • Anthony Sahota, Craig Webb, Jamie Corner, Josh Bailey & Ryan Butterworth were not saved and therefore were eliminated from the competition.

Week 2: Semi-final (18 February)Edit

Band Order Song Results
Five To Five 1 "Tell Her About It" Safe
Iron Sun 2 "Born This Way" Bottom two
Drive 3 "Girls on Film" Bottom two
Nightfall 4 "Without You" Safe
Iron Sun 1 "The Long and Winding Road"
Drive 2 "Something"
  • Mark Angels, Matt Thorpe, Jonnie Halliwell, Conor McLoughlin & Jazzie Mattis were saved by the judges and through to Final and continue as Drive.
  • Alexis Gerred, Clinton Elvis, Harry Brown, Jordan Harvey and Matt Knight were not saved and therefore were eliminated from the competition.

Week 3: Final (25 February)Edit

Band Order First song Order Second song Result
Nightfall 1 "Footloose" 4 "End of the Road" Runners-up
Five To Five 2 "You Can't Stop the Beat" 5 "Wrecking Ball" Winners
Drive 3 "Grease" 6 "Thinking Out Loud" Runners-up
  • Winning group: Five To Five (Yazdan Qafouri, Curtis T Johns, Nick Carsberg, Sario Solomon, AJ Bentley)


During an appearance on Alan Carr: Chatty Man in December, Barlow, Minogue and Kemp confirmed the show's launch date as 7 January 2017, the same date as The Voice UK's sixth series' premiere on ITV;[16] and also showed a sneak-peek of one of the auditionees, and revealed the series' format and stages.


Internationally, the series began airing in Australia on BBC UKTV from 22 January 2017.[17]


All ratings are sourced from BARB.[18]

Episode Air date Viewers
weekly ranking
Viewing share
The Starway 1 7 January 7.13 10 29.9%
The Starway 2 14 January 6.00 14 26.7%
The Starway 3 21 January 5.83 14 25.9%
The Starway 4 28 January 5.08 20 23.6%
The Collaborations 4 February 5.25 17 23.9%
Battle of the Bands 1 11 February 5.10 16 23.4%
Battle of the Bands Results 1 4.30 25 18.0%
Battle of the Bands 2 18 February 4.80 21 22.5%
Battle of the Bands Results 2 4.27 26 18.0%
Battle of the Bands 3 25 February 4.61 18 19.7%
Series average 2017 5.24 N/A N/A


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