Leopold von Schroeder

Leopold von Schroeder (December 24, 1851, Tartu – February 8, 1920, Vienna) was a German Indologist.

Leopold von Schroeder

He studied at the universities of Dorpat, Jena and Tübingen. Having worked as lecturer in Indology at Dorpat since 1882, then as an assistant professor since 1890, he became a professor at Innsbruck in 1896, and, eventually, at the University of Vienna from 1899 onward.[1] Among his notable achievements is the translation of the Bhagavadgita from Sanskrit to German. He was also engaged in scientific studies of legends and myths.


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  • Buddhismus und Christenthum: Zwei öffentliche Vorträge ("Buddhism and Christianity; two public lectures") 1893.
  • Mysterium und mimus im Rigveda ("Mystery and mimus in Rigveda") 1908.
  • Die Wurzeln der Sage vom heiligen Gral ("The roots of the legend of the Holy Grail") Bohmeier Verlag ISBN 978-3-89094-444-9
  • Die Vollendung des Arischen Mysteriums in Bayreuth ("Fulfilment of the Aryan Mystery at Bayreuth"), 1911.
  • Bhagavad-gita, des Erhabenen Sang ("Bhagavad-gita, the sublime song"), 1912.
  • Arische Religion ("Aryan religion") 1914.
  • Bhagavadgita, Diederichs, 1952.
  • Bhagavadgita - Aschtavakragita - Indiens heilige Gesänge, Leopold von Schroeder and Heinrich Zimmer, Diederichs Gelbe Reihe, 2004, ISBN 3-89631-440-8


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