Leonardas Abramavičius

Leonardas Abramavičius (Leonhard Abramavicius) (died 1960 in Kaunas) was a Lithuanian chess player.


Abramavičius played for Lithuania in four official and one unofficial Chess Olympiads.

He won one individual silver medal in 1933.[1]

Abramavičius played several times in Lithuanian Chess Championships. In July 1943, he tied for 1st-3rd with Birmanas and Romanas Arlauskas, (Abramavičius took 3rd in play-off), in Vilnius (12th LTU-ch). In 1947, he took 12th, in 1948 tied for 8-9th, in 1949 tied for 13-14th, in 1950 he won with Ratmir Kholmov (Cholmovas), in 1951 tied for 14-15th, in 1954 tied for 5-6th, in 1955 tied for 6-7th, and in 1957 took 12th place.[2]

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