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Leon Hale is an author and columnist for the Houston Chronicle. He moved to The Chronicle after writing a column in the Houston Post for 32 years.[1]

Hale is a member of The Texas Institute of Letters, a literary group in Austin, which recognized the writer with the Lon Tinkle Award for Excellence Sustained Throughout a Career. He has also won awards for fiction and non-fiction from the Headliners Foundation, United Press International, and the Associated Press.

He has recently announced his retirement after 65 years of writing. Despite this announcement, he continues to write short blogs weekly for the Chronicle as of the end of 2014.


Leon Hale is also the author of the following books:

  • Turn South at the Second Bridge (1965)[2]
  • Bonney's Place (1972)[3]
  • Addison (1978)[4]
  • A Smile from Katie Hattan (1982)
  • Easy Going (1983)
  • One Man's Christmas (1984)
  • Paper Hero (1986)
  • Texas Chronicles (1989)
  • Home Spun (1997)
  • Supper Time (1999)
  • Old Friends: A Collection (2004)


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