Leo Grand

Leo Grand is a coder who developed the mobile app "Trees for Cars."[1]

Leo Grand
Other namesJourneyman
EmployerMetLife (until 2011)
Notable work
Trees for Cars app

Grand lost his job at MetLife in 2011, as well as his home, being forced on his own in New York City.[2][3] In August 2013, while homeless, he was offered the choice between $100 or coding lessons, by Patrick McConlogue. Grand opted for the lessons.[4]

Grand was able to learn coding, leading to the launch of "Trees for Cars," his own mobile app.[3] The application has the aim of being environmentally beneficial.[5] The app went on sale for $0.99.[6]

In May 2014, a follow-up by Business Insider revealed that Grand, although earning a little under $10,000 from the app, was still homeless.[7]

Another follow-up by Mashable found that Grand continues to be homeless. He has less enthusiasm in coding, but wants to get back into it someday.[8]


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