Lent Bumps 2020

The Lent Bumps 2020 was a series of rowing races at Cambridge University from Tuesday 25 February 2020 to Saturday 29 February 2020. The event was run as a bumps race and was the 127th set of races in the series of Lent Bumps which have been held annually in late February or early March since 1887.

The races were the last set of Bumps before the COVID-19 pandemic forced the cancellation of all Lent and May Bumps events in Cambridge until the Lent Bumps 2022 two years later.

Head of the River crewsEdit

  Lady Margaret M1 bumped Caius on First Post Corner on day 1, reclaiming the headship that Caius M1 had won the previous year.[1][2][3]

  Starting 4th on the river, Downing W1 bumped Emmanuel W1 and Newnham W1 on the first and second days respectively, before rowing over on the third day and bumping Jesus W1 (who had taken headship from Newnham on the first day) on the fourth day to claim the headship that Newnham had held since the previous year.[4][2][3]

Highest 2nd VIIIsEdit

  Lady Margaret II rowed over four times, as did Churchill ahead of them and Girton and Selwyn behind them, remaining the highest men's second VIII at 2nd place in the second division.[1][3]

  After rowing over on day 1, Emmanuel II were bumped by Robinson on the second day, but bumped them back on the third day before bumping Jesus II on the fourth day, becoming the highest placed second women's VIII on the river and finishing at 8th position in the second division.[4][3]

Links to races in other yearsEdit

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Bumps ChartsEdit

Below are the bumps charts for all 4 men's and all 4 women's divisions, with the men's event on the left and women's event on the right.[3] The bumps chart shows the progress of every crew over all four days of the racing. To follow the progress of any particular crew, find the crew's name on the left side of the chart and follow the line to the end-of-the-week finishing position on the right of the chart.

This chart may not be displayed correctly if you are using a large font size on your browser. A simple way to check is to see that the first horizontal bold line, marking the boundary between divisions, lies between positions 17 and 18.

Pos Crew Men's Bumps Chart Crew Pos Crew Women's Bumps Chart Crew Pos
1 Caius
Lady Margaret 1 Newnham
Downing 1
2 Lady Margaret Pembroke 2 Jesus Jesus 2
3 Downing Caius 3 Emmanuel Newnham 3
4 Pembroke 1st & 3rd Trinity 4 Downing Emmanuel 4
5 Robinson Downing 5 Lady Margaret Lady Margaret 5
6 Jesus Robinson 6 1st & 3rd Trinity Pembroke 6
7 1st & 3rd Trinity Trinity Hall 7 Pembroke Churchill 7
8 St. Catharine's Jesus 8 Clare Clare 8
9 Christ's King's 9 Trinity Hall Caius 9
10 Trinity Hall Magdalene 10 Christ's 1st & 3rd Trinity 10
11 Peterhouse St. Catharine's 11 Churchill Trinity Hall 11
12 King's Clare 12 Murray Edwards Fitzwilliam 12
13 Clare Christ's 13 Caius Christ's 13
14 Magdalene Peterhouse 14 Girton Queens' 14
15 Emmanuel Queens' 15 Fitzwilliam Murray Edwards 15
16 Queens' Fitzwilliam 16 St. Catharine's Darwin 16
17 Fitzwilliam Emmanuel 17 Queens' St. Catharine's 17
18 Churchill Churchill 18 King's Girton 18
19 Lady Margaret II Lady Margaret II 19 Darwin Homerton 19
20 Girton Girton 20 Homerton Sidney Sussex 20
21 Selwyn Selwyn 21 Lucy Cavendish King's 21
22 Wolfson Corpus Christi 22 Peterhouse Selwyn 22
23 Caius II Hughes Hall 23 Sidney Sussex Peterhouse 23
24 Corpus Christi Caius II 24 Jesus II Lucy Cavendish 24
25 St Edmund's Sidney Sussex 25 Selwyn Emmanuel II 25
26 Darwin Wolfson 26 Emmanuel II Jesus II 26
27 Sidney Sussex Darwin 27 Robinson Robinson 27
28 Jesus II 1st & 3rd Trinity II 28 Hughes Hall Corpus Christi 28
29 Hughes Hall St Edmund's 29 Magdalene Magdalene 29
30 1st & 3rd Trinity II Homerton 30 Wolfson Newnham II 30
31 Pembroke II Pembroke II 31 Clare II Hughes Hall 31
32 Homerton Jesus II 32 Corpus Christi Downing II 32
33 Downing II Queens' II 33 Newnham II Wolfson 33
34 Emmanuel II Emmanuel II 34 Queens' II Queens' II 34
35 Clare II Clare II 35 Lady Margaret II Clare II 35
36 Queens' II Magdalene II 36 St Edmund's Lady Margaret II 36
37 Christ's II Downing II 37 Downing II St Edmund's 37
38 Magdalene II Robinson II 38 St. Catharine's II Pembroke II 38
39 St. Catharine's II St. Catharine's II 39 Pembroke II Caius II 39
40 Trinity Hall II Christ's II 40 Christ's II St. Catharine's II 40
41 Robinson II Churchill II 41 Caius II Christ's II 41
42 Clare Hall Clare Hall 42 Trinity Hall II Emmanuel III 42
43 1st & 3rd Trinity III Trinity Hall II 43 Jesus III Darwin II 43
44 Churchill II Fitzwilliam II 44 Darwin II Trinity Hall II 44
45 Fitzwilliam II 1st & 3rd Trinity III 45 Newnham III Jesus III 45
46 Lady Margaret III Jesus III 46 Emmanuel III Clare Hall 46
47 Jesus III Queens' III 47 Clare Hall Newnham III 47
48 Queens' III Lady Margaret III 48 Homerton II Sidney Sussex II 48
49 Peterhouse II Peterhouse II 49 Clare III Homerton II 49
50 Anglia Ruskin Hughes Hall II 50 Queens' III Magdalene II 50
51 Addenbrooke's Addenbrooke's 51 Anglia Ruskin Clare III 51
52 Wolfson II Downing III 52 Magdalene II Queens' III 52
53 Hughes Hall II Anglia Ruskin 53 Sidney Sussex II Downing III 53
54 Downing III Pembroke III 54 Downing III Anglia Ruskin 54
55 Selwyn II Wolfson II 55 Corpus Christi II Fitzwilliam II 55
56 Darwin II Churchill III 56 Trinity Hall III Trinity Hall III 56
57 Pembroke III Selwyn II 57 Fitzwilliam II Corpus Christi II 57
58 Magdalene III Girton II 58  
59 Churchill III Darwin II 59
60 Homerton II Magdalene III 60
61 Girton II Homerton II 61
62 Queens' IV Churchill IV 62
63 Churchill IV Queens' IV 63


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