LemonGrass (band)

LemonGrass is a Mexican musical group, formed on August 12, 2015. The concept pays tribute to its predecessor, known as OV7, also known as La Onda Vaselina. The current members of the group are Ivanna, Sophie, Yael, Oscar, Keira, and Matias. For personal reasons, the members Jelissa, Emiliano, Paula, and Nathan had to leave the group. They have recorded 2 albums, which are LemonGrass and LemonGrass Deluxe Edition, which feature several urban songs.

GenresTeen pop, Pop, Latin Pop, Children's music, Urban
Occupation(s)Singers, Dancers, Actors, Models
Years active2015–2020





Past membersNathan





2015: Formation and official debutEdit

Ari Borovoy, of OV7, planned to create a group of children that would sing, dance, and follow the example of their band. So, they started casting & auditioning to find their talent. Which was answered by more than 900 children who took part. With a total of only seven being chosen. The group was chosen for their acting, dancing, and singing, as well make them unique. The members were picked and were formed into LemonGrass by Ari Borovoy on his show "Plan B"[1]

On August 12, LemonGrass performed their first single "Mi Mundo Gira Contigo" making it their official debut.

On October 9, LemonGrass opened up for OV7 & Kabah in Monterrey, Mexico. They opened up again at the Auditorio Nacional on October 23.[2]

The group had several showcases in which they appeared in commercial plazas in Mexico (Coyoacan Oasis, Coapa Galleries, among others) to promote their new single and some other songs. With their first digital song "Mi Mundo Gira Contigo" they made their debut in the Top 10 of the General Chart on iTunes and generated more than half a million views o the lyric video.

2016: Paying homage to El Papa Francisco, new single and debut albumEdit

On January 22, 2016, the album "México Se Pinta De Luz" went on sale, featuring the group as well as other singers, such as Lucero, Cristian Castro, Pandora, Pedro Fernández among others. The group participates in this tribute interpreting the songs "LUZ" and "Mi Estrella Guia" accompanied by singers like Carla Mauri, ATL and Jary. This was their paying homage to El Papa Francisco.[3][4]

On March 31, 2016, their official social media released the name of their next single, "Emily Taught Me To Fly" (Emily me enseño a volar), which became available on online stores at 10 PM that day.

On June 10, they released their debut album LemonGrass.[5]

2017-2018: Touring and repackaged albumEdit

The group confirmed the re-edition/repackaged of their debut album, a deluxe version that will contain four new songs which will be complementary to the previous ones. In addition, it will contain a DVD with the videos of the new songs. It was released on April 21 through iTunes.[6]

Through their social media, the group announced that they will be attending a series of concerts in different cities of Mexico. The first one will be held on Saturday, March 4 at the Telmex Cultural Center Theater 1, at 1 o'clock in the afternoon. That same day at 5 in the afternoon they will attend their second concert. The presale of tickets was made available on January.[7]

2019: Neon Tour, Jelissa's departure, "Pensando en Ti" - SingleEdit

On July 25, Bobo Production publicly announced that Jelissa Hernández had departed from the group wishing her the best in her future endeavors.[8] On July 26 it was announced that LemonGrass will be touring all of Mexico, Spain, and the USA. On August 27, 2019, LemonGrass came out with their new single "Pensando en Ti".[9] They made a music video for the song and a lyric one as well. They began promotions for the song as part of their Neon Tour. Sophie stated that the song had a deep meaning of love, something that they never had done before. The transition from the group as kids to teens had played a huge part in the song.[10] On November 29, they came out with a holiday single "Navidad Lemongrass".[11]


Stage Names Real Name From Birth Date Age
Sophie Ana Sofía Durán Pánuco CDMX, Mexico (2003-05-14)May 14, 2003 19
Yael Miguel Ángel Yael Fernández Cancún, Mexico (2003-03-15)March 15, 2003 19
Ivanna Ivanna Alin González CDMX, Mexico (2005-11-19)November 19, 2005 16

Former MembersEdit

Stage Names Real Name From Birth Date Age
Jelly Jelissa Hernández Gilart Havana, Cuba November 7, 2005 16
Nathan Nathan Bank Gottlieb CDMX, Mexico December 27, 2002 19
Paula Ana Paula de Léon Carrillo CDMX, Mexico July 23, 2004 18
Emiliano Emiliano Gonzales Linares Puebla, Mexico June 13, 2002 20



Album Album Details Peak Chart Position
LemonGrass 3


Title Year Peak Position Album
"Mi Mundo Gira Contigo" 2015 LemonGrass
"Emily Taught Me To Fly" 2016
"Me Hizo Volar"
"Sing Me to Sleep" 2017 Non-album single
"La La La (featuring. Joey montana)" 2019 TBA TBA
"Pensando en ti" 2019 Non-album single
"Navidad LemonGrass" 2019 Non-album single
"Shake It (featuring. Mía Rubín)" 2021 Non-album single

Other charted songsEdit

Title Year Album
"Vertigo" 2016 LemonGrass
"Piensa en Mí"


Title Artists Year Album
"Mi Estrella Guia" LemonGrass, ATL, Jary, and Carla Mauri 2016 México Se Pinta De Luz
”La La La” LemonGrass, Joey Montana 2019
”Shake It” LemonGrass ft. Mía Rubín 2021


Music videosEdit

Title Year Director Album
"Mi Mundo Gira Contigo" 2015 LemonGrass
"Emily Taught Me To Fly"

("Me Hizo Volar")

"Y Que"
"Otra Dimensión"
"Baila sin Miedo"
"Dance Like an Idiot"
"Piensa en mi"
"So what"
"Brush 'Em Off"
"Sing Me to Sleep" LemonGrass (Deluxe Edition)
"Picky" 2017
"La Bicicleta"
"Andas en Mi Cabeza"
"Pierdo la Cabeza"
"La La La" 2019 Non-album Singles
"Pensando en Ti" Non-album Singles
"Navidad LemonGrass" Non-album Singles
"Shake It" 2021 Non-album Singles


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