Leightoniella is a fungal genus in the family Pannariaceae. This is a monotypic genus,[2] containing the single species Leightoniella zeylanensis, a cyanolichen. The genus was circumscribed in 1965 by Norwegian lichenologist Aino Henssen. The generic name honours English clergyman and botanist William Allport Leighton, who originally described the type species in 1870 as Pterygium zeylanense.[3]

Scientific classification edit
Kingdom: Fungi
Division: Ascomycota
Class: Lecanoromycetes
Order: Peltigerales
Family: Pannariaceae
Genus: Leightoniella
Henssen (1965)
L. zeylanensis
Binomial name
Leightoniella zeylanensis
(Leight.) Henssen (1965)
  • Pterygium zeylanense Leight. (1870)


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