Lehel tér metro station

Lehel tér is a station on the Budapest Metro M3 line. It opened on 30 December 1981 with the third phase of the M3 rollout. It was the first phase to run northbound from Deák tér on the line.[2] The station's name comes from the square under which it is located. Consequently, from 1981 to 1990, the station was called Élmunkás tér, after which the square and the station changed to Lehel tér for the Hungarian chieftain Lehel.[3]

Lehel tér
Budapest Metro station
Lehel tér subway station Budapest.JPG
General information
LocationBudapest, Hungary
Coordinates47°31′03″N 19°03′38″E / 47.51750°N 19.06056°E / 47.51750; 19.06056Coordinates: 47°31′03″N 19°03′38″E / 47.51750°N 19.06056°E / 47.51750; 19.06056
Platforms1 island platform
Structure typeCut-and-cover underground
Depth9.3 m
Opened30 December 1981[1]
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Nyugati pályaudvar Line 3 Dózsa György út

The station was opened on 30 December 1981 as part of the extension of the line from Deák Ferenc tér.[4] It was the temporary terminus of Line 3 between 1981 and 1984.[5] On 7 November 1984, the line was extended to Árpád híd.[4]


  • Bus: 15, 115
  • Trolleybus: 76
  • Tram: 14


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