Legislative districts of Marikina

The highly urbanized city of Marikina currently has two congressional districts. Every three years, each district elects one representative who will sit on their behalf in the House of Representatives. Each district also elects eight city councilors who will sit on their behalf in the City Council.


From 1907 until 1972, it was represented as part of the first district of Rizal. It was part of the representation of Region IV in the Interim Batasang Pambansa from 1978 to 1984. It was grouped with Pasig from 1984 to 1986 for representation in the Regular Batasang Pambansa, as part of the Legislative district of Pasig–Marikina. Marikina was given its own representation in the restored House of Representatives in 1987, and was divided into two districts after an amendment (Republic Act No. 9364[1]) to its city charter (Republic Act No. 8223[2]) was approved on December 15, 2006.

Current DistrictsEdit

Since 2007, the city has been divided into two districts with each district being represented by one representative in the House of Representatives. Since 2019 the city's delegation composes of a member of the Nationalist People's Coalition and a member of the Liberal Party.

District Current Representative Party Barangays Population Area
Bayani Fernando
(since 2016)
NPC Barangka, Calumpang, Industrial Valley, Jesus de la Peña,
Malanday, San Roque, Santa Elena, Santo Niño, Tañong
78,875 (2015)[3] 9.03 km²
Stella Quimbo
(since 2019)
Liberal Concepcion Uno, Concepcion Dos, Fortune,
Marikina Heights, Parang, Nangka, Tumana
271,866 (2015)[3] 13.62 km²

Former DistrictsEdit

Lone District (1987-2007)Edit

From the reinstatement of the House of Representatives up to 2007, the city was represented in congress with one representative for the city.

Representation HistoryEdit

# Member Tenure Congress Party Electoral history Constituent LGUs
Start End
District created 1987
1 Democlito J. Angeles June 30, 1987 June 30, 1992 8th Unknown Elected in
Marikina City
2 Romeo Candazo [tl] June 30, 1992 June 30, 2001 9th Unknown Elected in
10th Lakas-NUCD Re-elected
in 1995
11th Liberal Re-elected
in 1998
3 Del de Guzman June 30, 2001 June 30, 2007 12th Lakas-CMD Elected in
13th Re-elected
in 2004
District Divided December 15, 2006

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