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Leesville is an unincorporated city of 51 square miles in Gonzales County, Texas, United States; alongside Texas State Highway 80 and FM 1682. Under postal code 78122, the Leesville post office serves relevant areas from FM 466 (Capote Road) to Texas State Highway 97. Geographically, Leesville is defined by the south of its Capote Hills and the north of Sandies Creek. Straddling and nearing the southeastern border of Guadalupe County, the real estate origins of Leesville go back to the 1800s survey plots[1][2] of Texas Revolution figures Ezekiel Wimberly Cullen[10] (late owner of Sandies Creek) and Joseph de la Baume (late owner of Capote Hills).[11]

Leesville, Texas State Highway 80
Leesville, Texas State Highway 80
Sandies, Capote, Leesburg, E.W. Cullen[2][1][3]
Come and Grind It; Staying Happy
Leesville is located in Texas
Leesville is located in the United States
Coordinates: 29°24′25″N 97°44′42″W / 29.40694°N 97.74500°W / 29.40694; -97.74500Coordinates: 29°24′25″N 97°44′42″W / 29.40694°N 97.74500°W / 29.40694; -97.74500
TractsE.W. Cullen League (1.2); De la Baume Leagues (6) [1]
Granted1806 (de la Baume)[4]
Founded byNewburn H. Guinn, Developer; Changed from Leesburg to Leesville by U.S. Postal Service
Named forLee Guinn, daughter of founder
 • TypeDe facto
 • BodyVarious historical, event associations with the Leesville name
 • PatronLeesville Country Fair
 • ElectionsLeesville Cemetery Association
 • CountyGonzales County
 • School DistrictNixon-Smiley Consolidated Independent School District
 • Total32,793 acres (13,271 ha)
 • Water.12 sq mi (0.3 km2)
 (2016, estimated)[8]
 • Total447
 • Density8.8/sq mi (3.4/km2)
ZIP code
78122; Postmaster: 78122-9998; SH80/FM466/FM1682: 78122-42XX[9]
LocationSoutheast Guadalupe County Line; West Gonzales County; South of Belmont; North of Nixon; West of Bebe
WebsiteU.S. Post Office, Leesville
Sandies Creek, Leesville, Texas


In 2000, Leesville had 7 businesses.[12] It is situated in southwestern Gonzales County, approximately 26 miles west of Gonzales and 19 miles south of Luling.[13] The historical city center of Leesville is located alongside the street of FM 1682, where the city’s original church and cemetery reside; currently acting as a location for local events.[14][15]


The local median cost of housing, as of 2016, is an estimated $546 per month;[16] with the households of the city paying an aggregate $23,500 in annual property taxes.[17] In estimation, of local workers 16 years and over who do not work at home, 16% commute within 5 minutes of their place of work; 28% commute within 15 to 24 minutes; 56% commute half an hour or more.[18]

An estimated majority of homes (40.5%) in the area were built from 1980 to 1999.[19] The estimated median year Leesville homes were moved into was 1996.[20]

In 2000, all occupied residential real estate in Leesville was valued at 13.9-million dollars,[21] leading to a residential value density of more than $400.00 per acre, of 32-thousand acres of Leesville land.


In 2016, Leesville business owners earned, in total, an estimated 1.3 million dollars.[22] In 1999, the aggregate household income for the city was 7.8 million dollars.[23]

All commercial and residential properties in Leesville paid a combined estimate of $192,500 in property taxes in 2016.[24]


Leesville has a post office with the zip code of 78122.[25] The U.S. Postal Service offered to close the Leesville Post Office in 2011.[26]

Public education in the community of Leesville is provided by the Nixon-Smiley Consolidated Independent School District.[27]

Leesville relays issues of improper garbage disposal to state and county authorities.[28]



  • Dewville United Methodist Church[34]
  • Leesville Baptist Church[35][36]
  • Leesville Encouraging Word Church, former election polling place[37]
  • Leesville Methodist Church,[38][15][14] acting as an election polling place[39]


  • Leesville 4-H Club[40]
  • Sandies Creek Wildlife Management Association[41]



E.W. Cullen, an original owner of Leesville

The first settlement and commerce of the area began around Sandies Creek, said to be once landmarked by a giant granite stone; leading to the Leesville area once being referred to as Sandies. From the 1830s until the 1870s, significant amounts of social activity climaxed around this area; with theft of watermelon, corn and food occurring at a nearby property. The nearby proprietor destroyed the granite landmark in response, ending the original rapid growth of the area.[42]

The general area was then named Capote, named after its hills. In the late 1800s, local land developer Newburn H. Guinn attempted to name the town Leesburg after his daughter Lee. The local post office at the time refused to recognize the name, as another Texas town had already claimed the name Leesburg. It was then compromised that the city would be named Leesville.[5]

In 1880, a significant portion of Leesville's southern territory was owned by Ezekiel Wimberly Cullen, with Leesville alternatively and legally known as the Ezekiel W. Cullen League (E.W. Cullen).[2][1][3]


Sandies Home Guard
Captain C.S.A., rank of Sandies Home Guard commanding officer
ActiveAmerican Civil War
CountryConfederate States of America
BranchConfederate States Army
TypeConfederate Home Guard
Part ofMilitia
Garrison/HQSandies Creek (later Leesville), Texas
AnniversariesJune 22, 1861
Capt. Michael Erskine

Original businesses and organizations since the area's settlement used to include, in greater capacity:[43]

  • Sylvester A. Hubbard‘s ox-driven corn grinder and lumber saw (1860)
  • Sandies Home Guard C.S.A., Captain Michael Erskine (June 22, 1861)[44][45]
  • Daniel Brown‘s general merchandise store (1868)
  • A brick kiln (1868)
  • A saddletree and stirrup factory (1868)
  • Leesburg Male and Female Institute, known as “Leesville school house” (January 21, 1873)
  • Leesville School System, elementary and high schools (closed in 1951)
  • Lumber production
  • Grain production
  • Beef production
  • Cotton production
  • Peanut farming
  • Melon farming
  • Various churches


The culture of Leesville is defined by the history of the struggles of its formation and the overt focus upon its few landmarks that incubate its history.

1835 attackEdit

In 1835 at Sandies Creek in what is now Leesville, 13 traders of Mexican and French origin traveling from Louisiana to Mexico, were killed by Comanche Native Americans.[46]

Happy QuiltersEdit

Leesville School House with Historical Marker

Since 1998, an organization known as the Happy Quilters has produced quilts for auction at the annual Leesville Country Fair, to maintain Leesville landmarks such as the school house; while supporting local education, by raising $1,000 or more in support per quilt.[47][48]


In 1880, two younger generations of Leesville families Littlefield[49] and Martin, received national attention after three Littlefield belligerents died in a revolver gunfight between the two families. It was postulated that the family feud would continue.[50]


In folklore, locals claim to see a ghost of a little girl in a blue dress, playing in Leesville Cemetery; seen only at a significant distance.[51]

Ghost townsEdit

The border of Leesville once acted as a location of these former towns:



  • Bebe, Texas; the community had an estimated population of 52 in 2000.[55] A post office called Bebe was established in 1900, and remained in operation until 2002.[56] The community was named after the brand-name Beebee baking powder.[57]


The Leesville-Belmont area has an annual average of 33.1 inches and 35.8 days of rainfall. The average day consists of 12.6 hours of light. Temperatures are high with very mild winters. Generally, described as a humid subtropical climate.[58][59]


Leesville was once established with a number of grocery stores, barbershops, cotton production and a pharmacy; now said to be non-existent and depopulated due to flooding and displacement from a local creek in 1936, after 26 inches of sudden rain.[14][60]

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