Bayside State Prison

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Bayside State Prison (BSP) is a state prison for men located in Leesburg, Maurice River Township, New Jersey.[1]

Bayside State Prison
Location4293 Route 47
Leesburg, New Jersey
Managed byNew Jersey Department of Corrections

The prison was originally the Leesburg State Prison. In 1988, the prison was renamed to "Bayside State Prison." Some Leesburg residents stated dissatisfaction with the renaming since it was the only widely known aspect of the Leesburg community.[2]

Launched in 1977, the prison is one of eight New Jersey correctional institutions which participate in the AgriIndustires program. Inmates are given work opportunities to reduce recidivism, including at the prison's dairy operation. Prisoners work seven hours per day and the milk is sent and processed to Jones Farm in Trenton.[3]

In 2020, a senior Bayside corrections officer was fired after he was seen participating in a reenactment of the murder of George Floyd, mocking protesters. The New Jersey Department of Corrections, which operates the prison, called it "hateful and disappointing", and Governor Phil Murphy condemned it, calling it repugnant.[4][5][6][7]

Wayne Michael JonesEdit

  • George Wright (escaped in 1970) – he may have used the warden's car during his getaway[8]


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