Lee Kyung-jin

Lee Kyung-jin is a South Korean actress.[1] She is known for her roles in dramas such as Working Mom Parenting Daddy, Joseon Survival Period, Through the Waves, Amor Fati and Three Bold Siblings.[2] She also appeared in movies Love in Magic, Almost Love, 26 Years Diary, Love Forecast and Ayla: The Daughter of War.[3]

Lee Kyung-jin
Born (1956-10-02) 2 October 1956 (age 66)
Other namesLee Kyeong-jin
EducationHoseo University
Years active1974 – present
AgentDahong Entertainment
Known forJoseon Survival Period
Amor Fati
Three Bold Siblings


Television seriesEdit

Year Title Role Ref.
1981 Great Vocation Okhawa
1991 Mirror of Eastern Medicine Da-hee
1992 Enchantment Hye-ki
1993 The Third Republic Park Young-ok
1996 Dad Is the Boss Mayor's wife
1998 Three Kim Generation Park Young-ok
1999 Wave Lee Kyung-jin
2000 All About Eve Hyong-chul's mother [4]
2001 Beautiful Days Jung Myung-ja [5]
2003 Forever Love Ms. Cho
Scent of a Man Eun-hae's mother
Swan Lake Oh Hye-ya
2004 Father of the Sea Je Chun-daek
Phoenix Jo Hyun-sook [6]
2005 Spring Day Eun-ho's mother [7]
Women Above Flowers Dong-ji's mother
Rules of Love Geun-young's
2007 Capital Scandal Yeo-kyung's mother [8]
Mackerel Run Lee Geum-ja [9]
Crazy For You Yoo Sook-ja
Dal-ja's Spring Jung Jung-ae [10]
2008 Powerful Opponents First Lady Shin Ok-hee
Cooking up Romance Kang Ok-ja
Gourment Jin-soo's mother
2009 Cinderella Man Yoo-jin's mother
2010 You Don't Know Women Han Pyung-ja
2011 If Tomorrow Comes Yoon Won-ja
Drama Special Series Season 1: Special Task Force MSS Kang Kyung-hee
Lie to Me Shim Ae-kyung
2013 Pots of Gold Jin-sook
2014 My Dear Cat Han Young-sook [11]
2015 All is Well Kim Soon-im
D-Day Park Yoon-sook [12]
2016 Working Mom Parenting Daddy Ok Soo-ran [13]
2017 Saimdang, Memoir of Colors Lady Hee [14]
2018 Through the Waves Lee Ok-boon [15]
Love to the End Lee Jung-in
2019 Joseon Survival Period Queen Munjeong [16]
2021 Amor Fati Seo Soon-boon [17]
2022 Doctor Lawyer Jayden's mother
Three Bold Siblings Yoo Jung-suk [18]


Year Title Role
1995 The Eternal Empire Warrior
2005 Tale of Cinema Sang-won's mother
2005 Love in Magic Koo Hee-won's mother
2006 Almost Love Jin Dal-rae's mother
2007 26 Years Diary Lee Soo-geon
2012 Like Rain Like Music Mrs. Jung
2013 It's Time to Love On-yoo's mother
2015 Love Forecast Joon-soo's mother
2015 Circle of Atonement Yoo-shin's mother
2017 Ayla: The Daughter of War Ayla

Awards and nominationsEdit

Name of the award ceremony, year presented, category, nominee of the award, and the result of the nomination
Year Award Category Nominee / Work Result Ref.
1981 8th Korea Broadcasting Awards Best Acting Award Evada Won [19]
1981 17th Baeksang Arts Awards Best New Actress in TV Evada Won [20]
1983 19th Baeksang Arts Awards Best Actress Award in TV Evada Won [20]
1985 1st KBS Self-Evaluation Awards Best Acting Award Equatorial Front Won [20]
1998 Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries Honorary Seafarer Certificate Herself Won [20]


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