League of Iranian Socialists

League of Socialists of the National Movement of Iran (Persian: جامعه سوسیالیست‌های نهضت ملی ایران, romanizedJāmeʿa-ye sōsīalīsthā-ye nahżat-e mellī-e Īrān) or Society of Iranian Socialists (Persian: جامعه سوسیالیست‌های ایران, romanizedJāmeʿa-ye sōsīalīsthā-ye Īrān) was a socialist nationalist party in Iran.

League of Iranian Socialists
LeaderReza Shayan[1]
SecretaryAmir Pishdad[2]
FounderKhalil Maleki[3]
Merger ofThird Force[3]
Social democracy
Iranian nationalism
Left-wing nationalism
Political positionLeft-wing[4]
National affiliation
International affiliationSocialist International

The party formally joined the Socialist International upon establishment.[4]

It was founded in 1960 by Third Force activists led by Khalil Maleki and a number of radical nationalists, most of whom had social democracy leanings and some members with Islamic socialism tendencies. Hossein Malek, Ahmad Sayyed Javadi and Jalal Al-e-Ahmad were among people associated with the group.[5]

The organization was a founding member of the National Front (II)[6] and was considered the "extereme left-wing" within the front.[4] It broke with the front and joined the National Democratic Front after the Iranian Revolution.[7] In the 1980 Iranian presidential election, the group supported People's Mujahedin of Iran nominee Massoud Rajavi.[8]


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