League of Armenian Social Democrats

The League of Armenian Social Democrats (Armenian: Հայ Սոցիալ-Դեմոկրատների Միություն, Hay Sotsial-Demokratneri Miut'yun, abbreviated ՀՍԴՄ, HSDM) was the first Armenian Iskraist social democratic organization.[1]

History edit

The League of Armenian Social Democrats was founded in Tiflis in 1902 by Stepan Shahumyan, Melik Melikian, Achot Khoumerian, Assadour Kakhoyan, B. Knunyantsi and Arshak Zubarian.[1][2] In October 1902, it published its manifesto, which adhered to proletarian internationalism.[1] Lenin hailed the positions of HSDM on the national question, but criticized its federalist demands.[2] HSDM published the newspaper Proletaryat.[1] In March 1903, HSDM merged into the Caucasus Organization of the Russian Social Democratic Labour Party.[2]

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