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League for Catholic Counter-Reformation

The League for Catholic Counter-Reformation (French: Ligue de la contre-réforme catholique, CRC) is a nationalist and ultramontane organization founded in 1967 by Georges de Nantes [fr],[1] a former abbot who was suspended a divinis (from administering the sacraments) on 25 August 1966.[2] The movement is composed of two religious communities in Saint-Parres-lès-Vaudes, in the Aube department, and in Quebec. It is considered a cult in France.[3]


The CRC defends the thesis of the authenticity of the Shroud of Turin.

The CRC denounces Vatican II, which it considers as a legitimately convoked ecumenical council, yet they accuse it of many errors because it chose not to speak infallibly. For example, the movement denounces the ecumenical dialogue and what it sees as worship of man.

The CRC also denounces the principle of religious freedom as well as the freedom of conscience in the Roman Catholic Church, while recognizing that the principle of equality between religions runs counter to the notion of truth taught by Christ.

Georges de Nantes and deacon Bruno Bonnet-Eymard [fr] defend the thesis of the authenticity of the Shroud of Turin. According to the CRC, the relic was a victim of "fraud" in the carbon 14 analysis in 1988, fraud "premeditated" by the "mafia" of Freemasons ; the 1997 fire, which seriously damaged the Cathedral of Turin, where the Shroud is kept, would be a "final solution" found by "these hidden forces, that Freemasonry".[4]


The organization is outside the Catholic Church which had suspended a divinis Georges de Nantes before he founded the CRC. In 2001, Georges de Nantes was forbidden to exercise priestly faculties, including the celebration of sacraments. This is the highest penalty before excommunication. The CRC is not recognized by the Catholic bishops.

The community of the Petits Frères du Sacré-Cœur de Jésus [fr],[5] which belongs to the CRC, was considered as a cult by French Commission on Cults in the 1995 report.[6][7] In 1997, the Belgian parliamentary commission established a list of 189 movements containing the CRC (see Groups referred to as cults in government documents).


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