Leaders of Hereroland

The Herero people of Namibia are ruled by traditional leaders, the highest office is that of the Paramount Chief. During part of the South African apartheid administration in South West Africa, when Hereroland was a bantustan (designated area for Herero settlement), they additionally had a political representative to the South African Administration, which was decoupled from chieftaincy in 1980. The current Paramount Chief of the Herero is Vekuii Rukoro,[1] the position of the representative of Hereroland was abolished in May 1989 as part of the transition to Namibian independence which was declared in March 1990.[2]

Paramount Chiefs of the HereroEdit

The genealogy of the Paramount Chiefs of the Herero is:[1]

Political chief representatives of HererolandEdit

Hereroland was declared in 1968, along with other bantustans in South West Africa. Self–governance of Hereroland was granted on 26 Jul 1970, which lasted until May 1989. The Chair of the Executive Committee of Hereroland was occupied by:[2]

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