Lead Mosque, Berat

The Lead Mosque (Albanian: Xhamia e Plumbit, Turkish: Kurşun Camii), also known as the Izgurli Mosque, is a 16th-century historical mosque located in Berat, south-central Albania.[1]

Lead Mosque
Native name
Albanian: Xhamia e Plumbit
Xhamia e Plumbit Berat.jpg
Coordinates40°42′16″N 19°57′19″E / 40.7045°N 19.9554°E / 40.7045; 19.9554Coordinates: 40°42′16″N 19°57′19″E / 40.7045°N 19.9554°E / 40.7045; 19.9554

Its name comes from the lead coating of its sphere-shaped domes.[1] It was built in the years of 1553 and 1554 by the local feudal Ahmet Bej Uzgurliu, at the time a vassal of the Skuraj family,[2] and is currently a Cultural Monument of Albania. Explorer Evliya Çelebi’s description told of carved stones underneath the lead, topping off a complex including a bazaar, madrasa, imaret, school, Turkish bath, and shadirvan. The prayer hall is square with a northern portico and a tall, thin minaret molded in cloisonné where it meets the roof. Many windows light the interior.


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