Le salamandre

Le salamandre (transl. The Salamanders)[2] is a 1969 Italian film directed by Alberto Cavallone. It gained a great commercial success and launched the brief careers of the two main actresses, Erna Schürer and Beryl Cunningham.[3][4]

Le salamandre
Le salamandre.jpg
Directed byAlberto Cavallone
Screenplay byAlberto Cavallone[1]
Story byAlberto Cavallone[1]
CinematographyMaurizio Centini[1]
Edited byMario Salvatore[1]
Music byFranco Potenza[1]
Produzioni Vega-Star[1]
Distributed byParis Etoile Film
Release date
  • 26 February 1969 (1969-02-26) (Italy)



Cavallone originally developed the script for La salamandre with Sergio Lentati which originally contained more political material.[5] director Alberto Cavallone, relocated to Rome where he worked on television commercials and writing scripts for directors like Duccio Tessari and Nino Zanchin.[5] The film that was shot focused more on erotic content.[5] The film developed was a cheaper production of 28 million Italian lire from first time producer Carlo Maietto.[5]

The film was shot in Northern Africa with interior scenes shot in De Paolis Studios.[5]


Originally titled C'era una bionda (transl. There was a blonde) after the distributor Cidif backed out and was picked up for distribution by Paris Etoile Film.[2] It was distributed theatrically in 26 February 1969 in Italy.[2] The film did well in the Italian box office grossing 500 million Italian lire.[2]

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