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Le Nouvel Économiste (meaning The New Economist in English) is a French language weekly financial and business magazine published in Paris, France.

Le Nouvel Économiste
Logo nouvel eco.jpg
CategoriesBusiness magazine
Year founded1975; 44 years ago (1975)
CompanyJacob Abbou Group
Based inParis
WebsiteLe Nouvel Économiste

History and profileEdit

Le Nouvel Économiste was established in 1975.[1][2] The magazine was owned by the Hachette S.A[3][4] until 2002 when it was acquired by the Jacob Abbou group.[5]

The magazine is published on a weekly basis[2] and provides financial news[6] as well as comprehensive reports on company relations and activities.[7] It also features book reviews.[8] The weekly has its headquarters in Paris[1][8][9] and is published in pink color.[10]

The target audience of Le Nouvel Économiste include government officials, policy makers, CEOs, investors and high income earners.[10] The magazine has a center-right political stance.[11] The weekly has offered an award of best economist of the year since 1993.[12]


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