Le Livre noir du capitalisme

Le livre noir du Capitalisme (The Black Book of Capitalism) is a 1998 French book published in reaction to The Black Book of Communism (1997). Unlike the earlier work, Le livre noir du capitalisme's primary goal is not to try to attribute a number of victims to the political system in question. Rather, the body of the book comprises a series of independent works from various writers who each voice their critique on various aspects of capitalism.[1] Topics covered range from the African slave trade to the effects of globalization.

An appendix provides an incomplete list of 20th-century death-tolls which editor Gilles Perrault attributes to the capitalist system. The list includes certain death-tolls covering the two World Wars, colonial wars, anticommunist campaigns and repressions, ethnic conflicts, and victims of famines or malnutrition; bringing the incomplete total to 100 million deaths attributed to capitalism in the 20th century.[2]

Contributors to the book include historians, sociologists, economists, trade unionists and writers such as Caroline Andréani, François Arzalier, Roger Bordier, Maurice Buttin, François Chesnais, Maurice Cury, François Delpla, François Derivery, André Devriendt, Pierre Durand, Jean-Pierre Fléchard, Yves Frémion, Yves Grenet, Jacques Jurquet, Jean Laïlle, Maurice Moissonnier, Robert Pac, Philippe Paraire, Paco Peña, André Prenant, Maurice Rajsfus, Jean Suret-Canale, Subhi Toma, Monique and Roland Weyl, Claude Willard and Jean Ziegler.[1][3][4][5][6] Translations of the book have appeared in Greek, Portuguese,[7] Spanish,[8] Italian[9] and Czech.[10]

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