Le Chakka

Le Chakka (English: Take a Sixer) (Bengali:লে ছক্কা) is a 2010 Bengali-language sports comedy film written by Padmanava Dasgupta and directed by Raj Chakraborty. The film stars Payel Sarkar and Dev as the lead pair of the film along with the talented bunch of actors like Kharaj Mukherjee, Ritwick Chakraborty, Biswajit Chakraborty, Aritra Dutta Banik, Deepankar De, Laboni Sarkar, Biswanath Basu, Debjani Chattopadhyay and Padmanava Dasgupta himself to name a few. The film's score and soundtrack were composed by Indraadip Das Gupta. The film is unofficially based on the 2007 Tamil film Chennai 600028.[1]

Le Chakka
Le Chakka poster.jpg
Directed byRaj Chakraborty
Produced bySham Agarwal Srijon Art
Written by
Music byIndraadip Das Gupta
CinematographySomak Mukherjee
Release date
  • 10 June 2010 (2010-06-10)
Running time
128 minutes


11 bullets is a very bad cricket team of North Kolkata. The team is formed with the people of the locality, who have various professions. The film starts with a match between 11 bullets and a cricket team of South Kolkata. The hero, named Abir, alone smashes 11 bullets. The team members of 11 bullets are then abused by the people of their locality. In the meantime, Abir comes with his family to stay at Dorjipara, which is the locality of 11 bullets. But, due to huge cultural deference between North Kolkata and South Kolkata, Abir becomes irritated to stay over there. The niece of the landlord of Abir's tenant house, stars having regular quarrels with Abir. Then one day, Abir comes to know that some political leader is trying to grab Dorjipara, and for that, the leader wants the tenant house, which the landlord doesn't want to sell. When Abir teaches the 11 bullets people, that without protesting against these political evils, they will not be able to survive, slowly, those people come close to Abir, and vice versa. Then slowly, Abir gets intimate with Rani, which her brother Rajat doesn't like. A Person, Shankar, who is attached to that leader comes and gets involved with the unmarried, frustrated, elder sister of Rani, named Ratna. But, when Shankar says that, he wants to marry Rani, and not Ratna. Then Ratna commits suicide. Ultimately, when the party leaders come to take control over Dorjipara, Abir throws a challenge of a cricket match, which is going to decide, who's going to get control over the house. 11 bullets get a tensed and marvelous win, and Abir gets a romantic win over Rani.



Le Chakka
Soundtrack album by
Released14 May 2010 (2010-05-14)
GenreFeature film soundtrack
LabelFive Star

The film score of the film as well as the soundtrack was scored by Indraadip Das Gupta. The soundtrack, featuring 5 tracks overall, was released on 14 May 2010 in India. The lyrics were written by Priyo Chattopadhyay, Prasenjit Mukherjee and Srijit Mukherjee.

Track Song Singer(s) Duration (min:sec) Lyricist Notes
1 "You And Me" Shaan, June Banerjee 4:56 Priyo Chattopadhyay, Prasenjit Mukherjee and Srijato
2 "Shabba Rabba Reeba Ru" Kunal Ganjawalla, Monali Thakur 5:00 Priyo Chattopadhyay, Prasenjit Mukherjee and Srijato
3 "Ali Maula" Shreya Ghoshal, Shaan, Shahadab Hussain 6:04 Priyo Chattopadhyay
4 "Ekta Bindaas Para" Kunal Ganjawalla, Shahdab Hussain, Prasenjit Mukherjee 4:38 Priyo Chattopadhyay, Prasenjit Mukherjee and Srijato
5 "Le Chakka" Kunal Ganjawalla, Prasenjit Mukherjee 4:24 Priyo Chattopadhyay, Prasenjit Mukherjee and Srijato


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