Làyuè is the last month of the year in the Chinese calendar. In general, the Great Cold is in Làyuè.[clarification needed] The name comes from the winter sacrifice, just as February. In Japan, the month is not called Layue but Shiwasu (literally 'priests' busiest month')


  • The Laba Festival, is Làyuè 8th. The following Laba Festival is at January 24, 2018. The original define of the Laba festival is the day of the winter sacrifice(simplified Chinese: 腊日; traditional Chinese: 臘日), and the date is the third Wùrì after the Winter Solstice.
  • The Preliminary Eve (Chinese: 小年) is Làyuè 23rd or 24th.The following preliminary eve is at February 8, 2018 in North China, and at February 9, 2018 in South China.
  • The New Year's Eve (Chinese: 除夕) is the last day of the year, Làyuè 29th or 30th. The following New Year's Eve is at February 15, 2018, which is a statutory holiday.


Aisin-Gioro Puyi, 12th Qing Emperor of China, issued the imperial abdication edict at Làyuè 25th 1911