Laxapana Dam

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The Laxapana Dam is a gravity dam built across the Maskeliya Oya, 2.8 km (1.7 mi) downstream of the Laxapana Falls, in the Central Province of Sri Lanka.[1]

Laxapana Dam
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Laxapana Dam is located in Sri Lanka
Laxapana Dam
Location of Laxapana Dam in Sri Lanka
CountrySri Lanka
Central Province
Coordinates06°55′08″N 80°29′22″E / 6.91889°N 80.48944°E / 6.91889; 80.48944Coordinates: 06°55′08″N 80°29′22″E / 6.91889°N 80.48944°E / 6.91889; 80.48944
Opening dateApril 1969 (1969-04)
Owner(s)Ceylon Electricity Board
Dam and spillways
Type of damGravity dam
ImpoundsMaskeliya Oya
CreatesLaxapana Reservoir
Maximum length300 m (980 ft)
Maximum width130 m (430 ft)
Polpitiya Power Station
Coordinates06°58′40″N 80°27′24″E / 6.97778°N 80.45667°E / 6.97778; 80.45667
Turbines2 × 37.50 MW
Installed capacity75 MW

Power station and reservoirEdit

The dam creates the Laxapana Reservoir, which is sustained from water flowing in from the Kelani River, and discharged water from the Old Laxapana Hydroelectric Power Stations and New Laxapana Hydroelectric Power Stations. The Old Laxapana and New Laxapana hydroelectric power stations belongs to the Norton Dam and Canyon Dam respectively, delivered via penstocks.

The combined hydro resource of the Laxapana Reservoir is fed into another penstock to a further 7.8 km (4.8 mi) downstream for utilization of power generation at the Polpitiya Power Station, located at 06°58′40″N 80°27′24″E / 6.97778°N 80.45667°E / 6.97778; 80.45667 (Polpitiya Hydroelectric Power Station). The power station, which is also called as the Samanala Hydroelectric Power Station, consists of two generation units rated at 37.50 MW each, both of which were commissioned in April 1969.[1][2][3]

Upstream view of the Laxapana Dam and Reservoir. The buildings located immediately upstream are the Old Laxapana Power Station (white roof) and the New Laxapana Power Station (blue roof), belonging to the Norton Dam and Canyon Dam, respectively.

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