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As well as the Militsiya, law enforcement in Belarus is also the responsibility of other agencies such as the Presidential Guard and the State Security Agency of the Republic of Belarus, all under the authority of the country's Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Logo or emblem of the police (militia) of the Republic of Belarus.


  • Militsiya (Міліцыя) is the police service of Belarus, under the supervision of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which considered as the main policing and law enforcement agency in Belarus, and consists services as:
    • Criminal Police
      • Central Department of Criminal Investigation
      • Central Department for Combatting Economic Crimes
      • Department for Drug Control and Trafficking in Human Beings Combatting
      • Bureau of Day-to-Day Information Service
    • Public Security Police
      • Central Department for Law and Order Ensuring and Prevention of Crimes
      • Department of State Traffic Police
      • Department of Daily On-Duty Service
    • Minister’s Personnel
    • Official representatives of the MIA
    • Central Personnel Department
    • Central Department of Ideological Work
    • Central Department of Internal Security
    • Central Department of Controlling and Auditing
    • Central Department for Combatting Organized Crime and Corruption
    • Headquarters
    • International Cooperation Department
    • Department of State Secrets Protection
    • Bureau of Preparedness Activity and Area Defense
    • Department of Day-to-Day Investigation Activity
    • Department of Citizenship and Migration
    • Department for Execution of Judgments
    • Department of Finance and Logistics
    • Interior Troops
    • Department of Security
    • Interpol National Central Bureau of Belarus
    • Department of Information and Public Relations
    • Department of High-Tech Crimes Detection (Department "K")
    • Department of Supervision Activities
    • Educational Institutions
      • The Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus
      • The Mogilev Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs
      • Centre for Professional Development of Executives and Specialists of the Ministry of Internal Affairs
      • Faculty of Interior Troops of the Military Academy

Secret police organizationsEdit