Laureate na nÓg is a position awarded in Ireland once every two years to a distinguished writer or illustrator of children's books. It was set up by the Arts Council of Ireland in 2010. It is intended "to engage young people with high quality children's literature and to underline the importance of children's literature in our cultural and imaginative life".[1]

Siobhán Parkinson was the first Laureate. Sarah Crossan is the incumbent Laureate na nÓg.



Siobhán Parkinson, described by The Irish Times as "one of Ireland's foremost children's writers",[2] was announced as the first holder of the post on 10 May 2010. President of Ireland Mary McAleese revealed the news at an event held at the Irish Arts Council in Dublin. Parkinson received the silver[3] Laureate na nÓg medal from the President.[4]

She announced one of her main aims was that "every child in the country has access to a nice, bright, warm, cheerful, comfortable library, where they can go and find the books that will open their minds and bring them into wonderful imaginary places. That sense of excitement and joy about books I want every child to have, and not all children do get that".[5] She is in favour of modern media techniques, commenting: "Texting is a form of writing as well. If we get too uptight in pushing books at children it will have a negative effect. We have to make them interested in books and to realise they can get enjoyment, fun and pleasure from reading".[3] One of her first requests was an appeal to the Government of Ireland for the restoration of school library system funding which it had removed due to cuts.[6][7]

List of Laureates na nÓgEdit

Years Author
2010–2012 Siobhán Parkinson
2012–2014 Niamh Sharkey[8]
2014–2016 Eoin Colfer[9]
2016–2018 PJ Lynch[10]
2018–2020 Sarah Crossan[11]

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