Laura Termini

Laura Termini (born August 3, 1974) is a Venezuelan actress, producer, writer, and a Board Certified Health/Beauty Counselor AADP. She is also a contributor to Huffington Post's in the health and beauty columns. Termini has starred on networks such as Telemundo, Univision, Venevisión, Azteca América.[2] She was invited to the White House for recognition of her contribution to wellness as one of the Top Latina Bloggers in America.[3] Termini was also one of the Spanish-language voices in President Obama's 2008 Presidential Campaign.[4]

Laura Termini
Laura Termini.png
Laura Cristina Termini

(1974-08-03) August 3, 1974 (age 48)
OccupationActress, TV producer, writer

Early lifeEdit

Termini was born to a Mexican actress Maria Rosa Compañet and a Italian singer Franco Termini. They married in Mexico and moved to Venezuela, where Termini was born. She studied at an American college for a year and moved back and forth between the United States and Venezuela. She has now been living permanently in the United States for over 14 years.



At the age of 5, Termini started appearing in various advertisements and was also a singer and dancer in the groupThe Mini Pops, from a national TV show Sábado Sensacional for 8 years.[5][6] Until the age of 17, she had starred in almost 20 soap operas on local network.[2] Her record song Laura & Victor sold more than 100,000 copies and was on the Venuzuelan Billboard.

After moving to the United States, she continued to appear in the American Spanish soap operas such as Los teens, Amor Descarado, and Anita no te Rajes.[7] She had also appeared as the main characters in the TV movies De Rodillas, Mea culpa.[8] In 2009, she hosted an award-winning radio show Tu mañana for SBS Broadcast radio.


In 2009, Laura began her own Health and Beauty Lifestyle brand called Natural, Organic & Latina,, in addition to be Salud aL Día and a health columnist for the Huffington Post among others. She is also a Board Certified Health/Beauty Counselor AADP.


Year Title[9] Role
1985 El sol sale para todos
1985 Las amazonas Lalita
1994 Guadalupe Marilyn
1996 Como tú, ninguna Uncredited
1998 María Celina Rocío Ferrante
1999 Me muero por tí
2001 Radio Pirata Lucy
2003 Amor descarado Miriyam
2004 ¡Anita, no Te Rajes! Maggie O'Donnell
2008 Mea Culpa Maggie
2008 De rodillas Jenny
2013 Madre Mia Francis Telamente


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