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Laura Pedersen is an American author and playwright. She worked at American Stock Exchange before writing her first book, Play Money.[1]

Laura Pedersen
OccupationAuthor, playwright, humorist
Notable work
Beginner's Luck, Buffalo Gal, Life in New York


Early life and educationEdit

Pedersen is the only child of John and Ellen Pedersen. She grew up in Amherst, New York,[1] and studied finance at the Stern School of Business in New York City.[2][3] She worked as a clerk at the American Stock Exchange when she was 18, and had a seat on the exchange at age 20, at that time the youngest person to do so.[1][4] She received an honorary doctorate degree from Canisius College in 2013.[5][6]


In 1991 Pedersen and F. Peter Model wrote a book, Play Money,[7] about her time at the American Stock Exchange. She was a columnist for The New York Times from 1995 to 2002.[8][9] In 2001–2002 she hosted a finance show, Your Money & Your Life, on the Oxygen channel.[2][10]


Pedersen has received various awards, including an honorable mention for Buffalo Gal in the Eric Hoffer Award in 2009.[11]

In 2001 the Willamette Week wrote of her novel Going Away Party: "reading this book is like getting hit over the head repeatedly with a blunt object".[2]


Non-fiction booksEdit

  • Play Money (1991)
  • Buffalo Gal: A Memoir (2008) ISBN 1555916929
  • Buffalo Unbound: A Celebration (2010) ISBN 1555917356
  • Planes, Trains, And Auto-Rickshaws: A Journey Through Modern India (2012)[12] ISBN 155591618X
  • Life In New York: How I Learned To Love Squeegee Men, Token Suckers, Trash Twister, and Subway Sharks (2015)[13][14] ISBN 1936218151

Fiction booksEdit

Short storyEdit

Children's booksEdit


  • For Heaven's Sake![18]
  • A Dozen Perfect Moments
  • Living Arrangements
  • This Will All Be Yours
  • The Brightness of Heaven[19]


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